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2017-04-03 18:51:57 UTC  

Okay, thanks!

2017-04-03 18:52:19 UTC  

post your spiciest memes to prove youre not a shill

2017-04-03 18:52:43 UTC  

I can't post memes though.

2017-04-03 18:53:05 UTC  

kek, oh yeah i forgot

2017-04-03 18:53:36 UTC  

you better have some good copypasta

2017-04-03 18:54:18 UTC  

What did you say to me? I'll have you know I have over 100 confirmed kills.

2017-04-03 18:54:35 UTC  

good enough, heres a vetted role

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2017-04-03 18:56:57 UTC  

@James_Coney - LA apparently its a muzzie, who else

2017-04-03 18:57:25 UTC  

I have a theory that when interacting with sjws online it is best to pretend you're black.

2017-04-03 18:58:00 UTC  

They'll listen to you more because they automatically put you in the "victim" role.

2017-04-03 18:58:50 UTC  

However I can't be sure because I haven't fully tested it out.

2017-04-03 18:59:25 UTC  

Do sjws actually converse at all on a website?

2017-04-03 19:00:01 UTC  

I would love to study this cult of communist inspired ideology.

2017-04-03 19:00:10 UTC  
2017-04-03 19:02:00 UTC  

So no one have a website they know to be a sjw site? I'm very interested in these retarded specimens. My inner scientist is excited.

2017-04-03 19:02:39 UTC  

I used to run a few POC sock accounts on twitter, you are somewhat correct in your theory. I would impersonate POC and use the accounts to sexually harass white dyke SJWs, trannies, and feminists. They will put up with a lot of abuse from POC, muh intersectionality and all...

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2017-04-03 19:03:16 UTC  

Fascinating my assumptions were correct.

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This is who they suspect

2017-04-03 19:04:35 UTC  

So what did he do?

2017-04-03 19:05:19 UTC  

He went big bada boom in Russian subway.

2017-04-03 19:05:49 UTC  

It's a religion of peace guys. Trust me.

2017-04-03 19:06:41 UTC  

I really wish that meme would die. It's actually the religion of conquest if you look at history.

2017-04-03 19:07:02 UTC  

Nah man it's peace. :^)

2017-04-03 19:08:37 UTC  

*reads Koran* Yes apparently anyone who doesn't read the arabic word fitnah in it is fairly peaceful usually.

2017-04-03 19:09:35 UTC  

Sorry amateur religious scholar.

2017-04-03 19:09:46 UTC  

real religious scholar here

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2017-04-03 19:10:06 UTC  

It's peaceful.

2017-04-03 19:10:41 UTC  

theres nothing inherently more violent in the quran vs. Bible, but the consensus among theologians in Islam is that the Quran is the word of law and direct from God, whereas the Bible is open to interpretation even among hardline christian denominations

2017-04-03 19:10:42 UTC  

You really need to read the Koran is arabic to understand it fully.

2017-04-03 19:11:08 UTC  


2017-04-03 19:11:12 UTC  

However the quran is worse than the New testament

2017-04-03 19:11:19 UTC  

vis a vis violence

2017-04-03 19:11:35 UTC  

Where it says "brother" in english it actually means "Muslim or literal brother"

2017-04-03 19:11:37 UTC  

They don't realize that Russia isn't cucked like the western European nations they blow up every month.

2017-04-03 19:12:10 UTC  

Hahaha I'm just tagging y'alls nuts. I've read the Koran and Hadith.