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2017-04-16 13:16:29 UTC  

shut the fuck up joe you said you'd never shot a gun

2017-04-16 13:16:29 UTC  

Fuck you mean spotlight

2017-04-16 13:17:06 UTC  

I killed a deer with a sharp pointed flying stick once

2017-04-16 13:17:14 UTC  

Yaaay bows

2017-04-16 13:17:17 UTC  


2017-04-16 13:17:19 UTC  

at night you shine a spotlight at the forest and you see deer eyes glow

2017-04-16 13:17:55 UTC  

man I remember the first time I shot a gun it was a 22. glock, it was a lot heavier than it looked, and I remember after shooting it and feeling the gun kick and the powder burn and the warm casing flying out. It was a huge rush but I also thought about how serious it is how it can horibly fuck someone up or kill them. I cant imagine using it against another person, thats fucked that your talking about waging civil war so casually.

2017-04-16 13:18:01 UTC  

What a great way to make sure every animal suitable as game meat never ever goes near there again

2017-04-16 13:18:41 UTC  

joe I'll hunt for you with my spotlight in this civil war. bb

2017-04-16 13:18:52 UTC  

watch for your glowing eyes in the night

2017-04-16 13:19:03 UTC  

commies eyes glow in the dark you know

2017-04-16 13:19:11 UTC  

and they of course never drink water

2017-04-16 13:19:11 UTC  


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2017-04-16 13:20:08 UTC  

when i was growing up we beat up homeless people

2017-04-16 13:20:23 UTC  

Did he just nail a STALKER reference

2017-04-16 13:20:37 UTC  


2017-04-16 13:22:17 UTC  

no really me and my brothers and friends beat up homeless people

2017-04-16 13:22:27 UTC  


2017-04-16 13:22:44 UTC  

The fuck

2017-04-16 13:22:48 UTC  

we was punk ass kids

2017-04-16 13:23:06 UTC  

The homeless people around here would fucking stab you

2017-04-16 13:23:19 UTC  

I mean they're cool

2017-04-16 13:23:27 UTC  

But if you just tried to fuck with them you'd probably die

2017-04-16 13:23:50 UTC  

I know a few around here, they're ironically pretty respectable people

2017-04-16 13:23:54 UTC  

though they're not too bright

2017-04-16 13:23:55 UTC  


2017-04-16 13:24:29 UTC  

one try to stab a friend and my brother hit the homeless guy in the head with batteries

2017-04-16 13:24:49 UTC  

homeless people in Romania were pretty scary, most of them were Gypsies or huffing paint thinner

2017-04-16 13:24:51 UTC  

or both

2017-04-16 13:25:07 UTC  

I had a spit bottle full of dirt, spit and other shit that I found around my bedroom

2017-04-16 13:25:13 UTC  

the thing had grown mold in it

2017-04-16 13:25:17 UTC  

so I threw it out

2017-04-16 13:25:30 UTC  

and yes, people in Romania still huff paint thinner, because our government wont take the GBL out of it

2017-04-16 13:25:42 UTC  


2017-04-16 13:26:04 UTC  

are you vee?

2017-04-16 13:26:35 UTC  

one time a homeless guy was sleeping in a empty house we throw bricks at him and a clock idk if we killed him

2017-04-16 13:28:24 UTC  

yeah I was born in Romania, I emigrated to canada in 2001 because Canada had comparable freedom and prosperity to America but without the racial issues. Now all of that has been destroyed by our cuck prime minister in order to further the commie agenda

2017-04-16 13:28:37 UTC  

I mean, there's a good chance that you are since there's not many "alt-right" romanians

2017-04-16 13:28:44 UTC  

that you were