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2018-04-06 01:17:12 UTC  

I hope they win

2018-04-06 01:17:31 UTC  

They want to retake Constantinople

2018-04-06 01:19:23 UTC  

Germany is deceased at this point so no saving muh fatherland. Idk about Austria but Poland needs to pursue their identitarianism

2018-04-06 01:19:56 UTC  

The only way that Anschluss could happen again would be if it went backwarda

2018-04-06 01:20:06 UTC  

Austria saved itself and Germany wanted to join

2018-04-06 01:20:38 UTC  

Germany is on track to save itself

2018-04-06 01:21:05 UTC  

I don't believe it can

2018-04-06 01:21:37 UTC  

Too many Muslims breeding like rabbits while ethnic Germans are barely having any

2018-04-06 01:22:03 UTC  

germany castrated itself after ww2. it appears to be a nation of mostly utter cucks

2018-04-06 01:22:28 UTC  

Yep. With WW2 died patriotism

2018-04-06 01:22:54 UTC  

Because now Germans' culture is hardly even ethnic now

2018-04-06 01:23:25 UTC  

Germany is only lost if people lose hope

2018-04-06 01:24:27 UTC  

Germany is lost no matter what

2018-04-06 01:24:32 UTC  

as far as i can tell, the german people have lost the will for self-preservation

2018-04-06 01:25:17 UTC  

they're basically a zombie society waiting to be conquered and subjugated

2018-04-06 01:25:23 UTC  

Germany will be a part of the neo-Rashidun Empire by 3000

2018-04-06 01:25:25 UTC  

it's sad

2018-04-06 01:25:49 UTC  

AFD will win next election

2018-04-06 01:26:00 UTC  

I don't think so

2018-04-06 01:26:08 UTC  

Their whole party basically collapse I've headd

2018-04-06 01:26:13 UTC  


2018-04-06 01:26:26 UTC  

nah, they'll win. People are pissed

2018-04-06 01:26:39 UTC  

Still not extreme enough

2018-04-06 01:26:55 UTC  

It doesn't need to be

2018-04-06 01:26:58 UTC  

Germany needs another Hitler but less extreme

2018-04-06 01:27:10 UTC  

a time will come, but not yet

2018-04-06 01:27:25 UTC  

I hope you're right

2018-04-06 01:27:36 UTC  

But I think right now we should focus on Greece

2018-04-06 01:27:49 UTC  

Because by what you're saying, Greece is heading towards the right direction

2018-04-06 01:27:56 UTC  

If things stay bad, then they'll take power

2018-04-06 01:28:13 UTC  

Do you know much about Austria?

2018-04-06 01:28:17 UTC  

7-10% of parliament in greece is golden dawn if i remember correctly

2018-04-06 01:28:39 UTC  

Are they as bad as Germany?

2018-04-06 01:28:53 UTC  

Sebastian Kurz runs it now, he's alright but not great

2018-04-06 01:30:35 UTC

2018-04-06 01:30:40 UTC  

This is what I like to see

2018-04-06 01:41:52 UTC  

Wow I expected more Germans

2018-04-06 01:44:59 UTC  

Broke: Germany needs a new Hitler, but less extreme
Woke: Germany needs a nee Hitler, but more extreme

2018-04-06 01:46:23 UTC  

Tired: America needs a 1776

2018-04-06 01:46:30 UTC  

Wired: America needs 1933

2018-04-06 01:46:38 UTC  

Inspired: America needs 1492