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If you guys haven't seen

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It's pretty good

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You can see Templar and I in a few parts of this Berkeley VR video!

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fml, I found out that the girl I have been having familiar relations with for the past 3-4 years, didnt go missing in mexico, and has been instead avoiding me for the last month. I have been losing my mind wondering what happened to her and now I feel like such a fool.

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Tried uploading meme, permission denied

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>Reports mentioned that female kidnapping victims were raped and able-bodied male kidnapping victims were forced to fight to the death with other hostages, similar to a "gladiator fight from ancient Rome," where they were given knives, hammers, machetes and clubs to find recruits who were willing to kill for their lives.[6] In the blood sport, the survivor was recruited as a hitman for Los Zetas; those who did not survive were buried in a clandestine gravesite.[7] After the massacre, thousands of citizens from San Fernando fled to other parts of Mexico and to the US.[8] The Mexican government responded by sending 650 soldiers to San Fernando and establishing a military base in the municipality.[9] The troops took over the duties of the police force in the city and worked on social programs.[10] In addition, a total of 82 Zeta members were arrested by 23 August 2011.[11] In 2012 tranquility slowly returned to the city, along with the inhabitants who fled because of the violence.[12]

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@D3VNT ... So he can HH as long as his GPA stays above 88?

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i wish there was a BHP clone that didnt suck

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