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2018-04-11 22:09:17 UTC  

Because the numbers are constantly fluctuating, the lampshade and gas chamber myths have either been revised or debunked multiple times. If i'm not mistaken, their initial plan was to resettle the Jews in Madagascar.

2018-04-11 22:09:21 UTC  

So there was an entire war effort, concentration camps and disarmament and battles, but hitler didnt actually take any of the jews he just pretended he was going to?

2018-04-11 22:09:24 UTC  

How can you ever even prove anyone died outside of the camps

2018-04-11 22:09:25 UTC  

*none were gassed or burnt

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His name and soul will never die

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Tell me

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***O Y V E Y***

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"Gas Chambers"

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"This video contains content from BBC Worldwide, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds"

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get a vpn

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When they evacuated the camps, why didn’t they just smoke the kikes with machine guns and make their escape quicker? Instead of making them run

2018-04-11 22:10:27 UTC  

Why didn’t they do that anyways?

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@Usukkaka I bet you never knew Hitler's driver(an SS officer) was a jew

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@liqhts use a vpn and watch

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so the general populous wasn't aware of the atrocities

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and yeah you probably also didn't know that Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat

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Wait next are you gonna tell me 9/11 never actually happened?

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cause they were the problem

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At most maybe 1.5 million jews died over the course of the war in and out of the camps

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lol impying they didnt deserve ut

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Jews created communism

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Scapegoat for what?

2018-04-11 22:11:25 UTC  

jews were the problem

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God this just makes me wish the Holocaust happened

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they ruined the country

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This guy is a jew, a parasite wasting our time

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he didn't truly believe it then did he

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@Usukkaka <:kys:388539722210738177>

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Have you even read Mein Kampf?

2018-04-11 22:11:55 UTC  

considering he had a jewish ss driver

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he did but he wasnt a mass murdering animal like u say

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The unabridged version

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Jews disproportionately influenced The Treaty of Versailles 🤔 🤔 🤔

2018-04-11 22:12:21 UTC  

Did you not check any of the links i sent lol'