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2017-04-10 07:35:41 UTC

2017-04-10 07:37:14 UTC  

I keep trying to like Dicky, but it's just too hard

2017-04-10 07:37:47 UTC  

Guys, I think James is in dire need of shekels

2017-04-10 07:37:51 UTC  

Dick spencer is either an idiot or controlled opposition. Either way he'll never be a good leader.

2017-04-10 07:37:55 UTC  

buy my patches I've got a family to feed (tm)

2017-04-10 07:38:15 UTC  

@James_Coney - LA Jesus fucking christ. You're the most jewish nazi I've ever heard of, and I'm including Soros.

2017-04-10 07:38:41 UTC  

@Chancellor Implicit Dick is a product of a movement that was content to intellectually circlejerk itself into obscurity

2017-04-10 07:38:49 UTC  

Well, that's a bit unfair

2017-04-10 07:39:00 UTC  

he's one of the ones that tried to break out and advance the cause

2017-04-10 07:39:12 UTC  

But he's still an intellectual through and through

2017-04-10 07:39:23 UTC  

He does not compel anyone

2017-04-10 07:39:33 UTC  

Dick spencer was presuming a losing a battle from the start. The shape of the game has changed entirely with the rise of the online far right and the propaganda factory that is /pol/.

2017-04-10 07:39:43 UTC  

The same is true for Mike "Enoch" Peinovich and compant

2017-04-10 07:39:57 UTC  

they're all essay-writers and masturbatory intellectuals

2017-04-10 07:40:14 UTC  

Everybody wants to be a Pierce, nobody wants to be a Rockwell

2017-04-10 07:40:16 UTC  

o/ Heillo, mein freund.

2017-04-10 07:40:29 UTC  

convos like this make me miss gabe

2017-04-10 07:40:38 UTC  

We need charismatic voices, compelling figures. /pol/ get's the information to the normies and converts, what we need is someone to direct the converted members, not necessarily a "leader" per se but a personality to gather around and direct us.
Trump served that purpose but he was always gonna be a fellow traveller.

2017-04-10 07:40:50 UTC  

@Chancellor This is why I've been a yuge advocate of IRL groups

2017-04-10 07:40:58 UTC  

Pepe is a pretty good personality.

2017-04-10 07:41:02 UTC  

We wouldn't be here without him.

2017-04-10 07:41:03 UTC  

I don't think we're acceptable enough for IRL groups.

2017-04-10 07:41:10 UTC  

Speak for yourself, mate

2017-04-10 07:41:25 UTC  

@Verm Pepe is whatever he needs to be in the situation. He has no true personality, he's a mask and role.

2017-04-10 07:41:34 UTC  

my IRL group is coherent enough that we've got plans to invest in a townhouse and move in together

2017-04-10 07:41:38 UTC  

Like a... equally autistic but less retard anonymous.

2017-04-10 07:41:40 UTC  

insert your implicit joke here

2017-04-10 07:42:07 UTC  

Well, you've got to be pretty autistic to resist the social narative in the first place anyway.

2017-04-10 07:42:10 UTC  

Here's the thing

2017-04-10 07:42:33 UTC  
2017-04-10 07:42:36 UTC  

Creating IRL groups prevents huge blowouts over relatively minor things

2017-04-10 07:42:36 UTC  

You can't publicly be the "White nationalist group" though. Our goal needs to be pushing the overton window until I can go on the street and say "Maybe hitler had some points" and not get at absolute best nervous chuckles.

2017-04-10 07:42:55 UTC  
2017-04-10 07:43:07 UTC  

@Chancellor Let me put it this way

2017-04-10 07:43:23 UTC  

Online groups are to IRL groups as civic nationalism is to ethnonationalism

2017-04-10 07:43:48 UTC  

Civic nationalism hinges on a common ideology, just like an online political culture does

2017-04-10 07:44:03 UTC  

But if you have an IRL group, you're bound together by cameraderie

2017-04-10 07:44:36 UTC  

Also, you tend to find out things like if a person is sleeping with a Jew early on, preventing major problems further down the line

2017-04-10 07:45:24 UTC  

My ideal is a network of friend groups across the US that have little-to-no unity or hierarchy outside the local area