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@TheOhioNorseman Aircraft Carriers made BBs obsolete. Any Battleships still afloat are tourist attractions. Some Battleships were fitted with some modern armaments like that one which is the USS New Jersey BB-62. So as of now the US Navy only ever really uses Carriers, Submarines, Destroyers and Cruisers.

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Navys are a meme

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a dozen cruise missiles wipe out an entire fleet

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***T R I G G E R E D***

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Damn that sucks i thought battleships was like a american icon

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they are

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but to be fair no other nation fields them anymore

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Far as I know Only other nations that had battleships were Japan,UK,Germany,Italy,France

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Japan had some badass ships. But yeah theres really no reason for them nowadays.

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@TheOhioNorseman Yamato was the largest battleship ever built still holds the record

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this is a really good article

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There's some maps I made about US demographics

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Also that wikipedia number may include White Hispanics, as the non-Hispanic White population of the US is just under 200,000,000, and only now starting to decline in number, instead of only as percentage of the population.

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Wait the percentage AND number of whites are declining?

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yeah the real white population right now is 63%

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@Alamo Yes, We are being replaced in our own lands

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No I know that. I know the percentage is going down, but I thought that Mexicans were just growing faster than white growth. I didn’t know white growth was actually in decline

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Kinda like Germany

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yes we are being out produced

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I don’t think you and I are on the same page

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you just aren't listening

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yes White Growth is down due to us not reproducing at the rate of non whites

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Okay that’s what I was askin

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sorry for not making myself clear the first time

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go put that in memes

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it doesn't belong here

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this is serious politics not a meme chat

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yes it does

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I am being serious

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you posted a meme my guy

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there is <#422280910935949322> for that

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@Deleted User ive heard the musashi was the largest

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A lot of lib fags in the comments.