Message from Chaos in All Things Metal Gear #general

2017-02-04 09:30:34 UTC  

But one day my best friend and I went to the gas station. I was about to get out to go in to buy us some gas and a couple packs of cigarettes. But then he said he'll go in instead.

Turns out he went in to get me a surprise, cause god damn. He came out with two pizzas. Mine was a thin crust chicken pizza.

It was my first time having chicken pizza. It was also my first time having gas station pizza. But dear lordy oh lord, it was great.

2017-02-04 09:30:36 UTC  

a steak knife also, so the ride isn't smooth

2017-02-04 09:30:44 UTC  

Kunk ink

2017-02-04 09:30:54 UTC  

Funk stink

2017-02-04 09:31:03 UTC  

don't make fun of rogues spelling

2017-02-04 09:31:03 UTC  

Fuck sink

2017-02-04 09:31:06 UTC  

it's not nice

2017-02-04 09:31:12 UTC  

Order me a fuck sink

2017-02-04 09:31:15 UTC  

he can't help his retardation

2017-02-04 09:31:23 UTC  


2017-02-04 09:31:28 UTC  

I'm pissing

2017-02-04 09:31:41 UTC  

Whenever anyone says Hunk, all I can think of is Hunk from Resident Evil.

2017-02-04 09:31:49 UTC  

I think of you roo

2017-02-04 09:31:58 UTC  


2017-02-04 09:32:04 UTC  

Chaos dressing

2017-02-04 09:32:10 UTC  

Chicken chaos salad

2017-02-04 09:32:27 UTC  

I just googled Hunk to grab a screenshot of Hunk from Resident Evil.

I got actual hunks instead.

2017-02-04 09:32:41 UTC  

I'm the skat man

2017-02-04 09:32:54 UTC  


2017-02-04 09:33:11 UTC  

I put ranch on everything I eat

2017-02-04 09:33:11 UTC  

hey rogue, your diet is shit

2017-02-04 09:33:14 UTC  


2017-02-04 09:33:15 UTC  

eat better

2017-02-04 09:33:21 UTC  

Mines horrible

2017-02-04 09:33:27 UTC  

I haven't had a decent shit in weeks

2017-02-04 09:33:31 UTC  

I gotta eat better

2017-02-04 09:33:58 UTC  

@Drowzy We get a pass on our diets as we are American. It's required from us to have a shit diet.

2017-02-04 09:34:06 UTC  


2017-02-04 09:34:15 UTC  

yea its just an expectation

2017-02-04 09:34:23 UTC  

at this point

2017-02-04 09:34:26 UTC  

We do have better food tho

2017-02-04 09:34:31 UTC  

We are god tier

2017-02-04 09:34:41 UTC  

Red Lobster?

2017-02-04 09:34:42 UTC  

literally every product sold in america has added sugar

2017-02-04 09:34:48 UTC  

Fucking Wendy's

2017-02-04 09:35:02 UTC  


2017-02-04 09:35:03 UTC  

like you fuckers probably have added sugar in your fucking vegetable isle

2017-02-04 09:35:07 UTC  

if you even have one

2017-02-04 09:35:09 UTC  

Hell, I put sugar into my already sweetened tea.

2017-02-04 09:35:10 UTC  


2017-02-04 09:35:17 UTC