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2018-04-19 16:42:56 UTC  

even as an agnostic

2018-04-19 16:43:10 UTC  

I feel like i was really ignorant for not ever reading it

2018-04-19 16:43:15 UTC  

The Bible talks about race mixing believe it or not

2018-04-19 16:43:32 UTC  

God said the Israelites were to not race mix

2018-04-19 16:45:26 UTC  

the odl testament god is more baste than the new testament god

2018-04-19 16:45:36 UTC  

change my mind dot jay peg

2018-04-19 16:46:03 UTC  

the old testament is the torah though isnt it?

2018-04-19 16:46:15 UTC  

and doesn't jesus supposedly denounce the old testament?

2018-04-19 16:46:26 UTC  

or is that more jew lies?

2018-04-19 16:46:50 UTC  

torah is the first 5 books i think?

2018-04-19 16:47:03 UTC  

Not sure myself

2018-04-19 16:47:21 UTC  

jesus doesnt denounce OT

2018-04-19 16:47:47 UTC  

he says he came not to abolish the law and the prohpets (aka OT) but to fulfill them

2018-04-19 16:48:26 UTC  

The Old Testament is called the Tanakh; the Torah is the five Books of Moses (aka the books Jews read but don't take literally)

2018-04-19 16:49:11 UTC  

Jews are retards but no, Jesus came as a fulfilling of the Old Testament. Judaism actually existed after Christianity.

2018-04-19 16:49:30 UTC  

Judaism was a political and spiritual revolt against Christianity.

2018-04-19 16:50:04 UTC  

In the Christian Jews' minds, the Old Testament never endedβ€”it continued on into thee next part of the story: Jesus.

2018-04-19 16:52:34 UTC  

Judaism started after Christianity was popular in Judea. They wanted to destroy Jesus because they thought he was blasphemous. Then the Talmud goes on to say that Mary was a whore and that Jesus is boiling in human shit in hell.

2018-04-19 16:52:49 UTC  

Our greatest ally

2018-04-19 16:52:54 UTC

2018-04-19 16:54:11 UTC  

Blacks who assimilate are maybe 10% of the Black Population here

2018-04-19 16:54:27 UTC  

We are different

2018-04-19 16:54:32 UTC  

We should be separated

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2018-04-19 17:43:10 UTC  

Ideology litmus tests will result in an ethnostate

2018-04-19 17:52:24 UTC  

Neo cons gtfo

2018-04-19 17:52:50 UTC  

Capfash <:chad:387474006871113729>
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2018-04-19 18:48:12 UTC  

Comment on this!

2018-04-19 18:57:42 UTC  

We need change and soon...

2018-04-19 19:01:05 UTC  

Check out those fucking comments. You get leftists saying "good!" There are also "classical liberals" saying that its fine.

2018-04-19 19:02:20 UTC  

Like wtf

2018-04-19 19:02:45 UTC  

By the time I'm old enough to do shit about it, the damge would have already been done

2018-04-19 19:03:05 UTC  

This is a calamity on the level of untold proportions

2018-04-19 19:18:03 UTC  


2018-04-19 19:20:20 UTC  

Fuckin love Hungary

2018-04-19 19:27:24 UTC  

tfw the magyars are more chad than the aryans

2018-04-19 19:34:58 UTC  

Too bad the USSR got rid of the greatest people

2018-04-19 19:35:18 UTC