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2018-04-19 23:06:38 UTC  

putin has pledged to retaliate like 09483763497 times

2018-04-19 23:06:42 UTC  

Russian diplomats were sent back home last month

2018-04-19 23:06:50 UTC  

about every time america breathes putin wants to do something about it

2018-04-19 23:07:00 UTC  

but he cant and wont

2018-04-19 23:07:04 UTC  

And American diplomats in Russia have been sent home which is perfectly reasonable

2018-04-19 23:07:05 UTC  

unless its nukes anyway

2018-04-19 23:07:05 UTC  

I mean that as in, it wouldn’t surprise me if any US embassies overseas were attacked

2018-04-19 23:07:10 UTC  

Oh nvm then

2018-04-19 23:07:23 UTC  

Putin isn't going to start a war he knows he cant win

2018-04-19 23:07:34 UTC  

The media wants us to think hes some loon

2018-04-19 23:07:35 UTC  

which is literally any war putin might try to start

2018-04-19 23:07:53 UTC  

Putin is playing his own game of chess

2018-04-19 23:07:58 UTC  

i cannot stress enough how militarily weak russia is

2018-04-19 23:08:07 UTC  

just old nukes and a lot of guys

2018-04-19 23:08:09 UTC  

A lot of people have really bought into the whole “Assad and Putin are crazy” bs

2018-04-19 23:08:12 UTC  

nothing else really stands out

2018-04-19 23:08:12 UTC  

thats likely just do to funding

2018-04-19 23:08:29 UTC  

Thats really what makes or brakes a military is how much money a nation can pour into it

2018-04-19 23:08:36 UTC  

insanity is about the only thing that would drive assad to gas his own people once his country starts doing well

2018-04-19 23:08:37 UTC  

but uh

2018-04-19 23:08:38 UTC  

That’s gotta be the laziest justification for the lie that they gassed Syrian people, that ive ever seen

2018-04-19 23:08:41 UTC  

he didn't do that so whoops

2018-04-19 23:09:10 UTC  

Of course America spends absurds amount of money into its much of said money is actually put into the military or isn't "lost" i don't know

2018-04-19 23:09:26 UTC  

oh no it all goes to the military

2018-04-19 23:09:30 UTC  

Still no proof Assad gassed anyone last year

2018-04-19 23:09:32 UTC  

we have an overwhelming global presence

2018-04-19 23:09:36 UTC  

Still no proof this year

2018-04-19 23:09:41 UTC  


2018-04-19 23:09:49 UTC  

But you can't tell me there isn't any waste there

2018-04-19 23:09:51 UTC  


2018-04-19 23:09:53 UTC  

oh yeah

2018-04-19 23:09:57 UTC  

there's tons of waste

2018-04-19 23:10:09 UTC  

>a country actually *needing* to have its own military all over the world

2018-04-19 23:10:09 UTC  

Ah yes lets keep printing more worthless money

2018-04-19 23:10:13 UTC  

i can't think of a single fucking reason

2018-04-19 23:10:18 UTC  


2018-04-19 23:10:27 UTC  

a single *good* reason

2018-04-19 23:10:28 UTC  

same thing really

2018-04-19 23:10:36 UTC  

There is no good reason

2018-04-19 23:11:03 UTC  

bcuz ameRika is the POLICE anD wE hAV to hELP OUr gREATesT ALLY ✡ 🇮🇱

2018-04-19 23:11:18 UTC  

the only reason America's military is so disproportionality large compared to other nations is because of the Cold War