Message from Jordanus Piscator in Nationalist Review 🎅🏻 #srs-politics

2018-04-21 06:21:29 UTC  

We cannot let their aryan blood be mixed with Semitic arabs

2018-04-21 06:21:43 UTC  

Destabilizing Iran will thus cause that.

2018-04-21 06:22:26 UTC  


2018-04-21 06:23:04 UTC  

they need to become Iranian Empire or somethin

2018-04-21 06:23:36 UTC  

Iranian Reich

2018-04-21 06:23:42 UTC  

Iranians and Northern Indians used to be pure Aryan. Islamic conquest has basically shifted on their genes

2018-04-21 06:24:14 UTC  

Now Arabs have taken over some of their gene pool along with africans

2018-04-21 06:24:46 UTC  

Iranian Realm

2018-04-21 06:25:08 UTC  

Iran and Syria are the last based countries in the Middle East

2018-04-21 06:25:27 UTC  

Assad is redpilled

2018-04-21 06:25:32 UTC  

No wonder he hates Zionism

2018-04-21 06:25:35 UTC

2018-04-21 06:25:40 UTC  

Syrian Nazi Party

2018-04-21 06:26:03 UTC  

Looks japanese

2018-04-21 06:26:08 UTC  


2018-04-21 06:26:19 UTC  

it is a Syrian nationalist party

2018-04-21 06:26:24 UTC

2018-04-21 06:26:36 UTC  

Ideal Empire: all the stans combined with iran

2018-04-21 06:27:05 UTC  

the chad Iranians vs the virgin Stans

2018-04-21 06:27:11 UTC  

Not realistic but whatever

2018-04-21 06:27:24 UTC  

I don't know the ethnicity of all those stand

2018-04-21 06:27:27 UTC  


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2018-04-21 06:27:58 UTC  

I think the Kyrgyz are Turks

2018-04-21 06:28:02 UTC  

and the Kazakhs are sami

2018-04-21 06:28:35 UTC  

rest might be Persian

2018-04-21 06:29:02 UTC  

Shoah them all and make Iranian women have 30 babies across all the empire with racially pure iranians

2018-04-21 06:29:05 UTC  


2018-04-21 06:29:30 UTC  

Just kidding about that but Iranian empire would still be interesting

2018-04-21 06:35:20 UTC  

North Korea is redpilled @everyone

2018-04-21 06:35:22 UTC  

prove me wrong

2018-04-21 06:36:33 UTC  

Kum junk un is a retard. Change my mind

2018-04-21 13:13:39 UTC  

“North Korea is redpilled”
> Kim starves his own people
> The Kim family are worshipped like gods
> they’re communist (or at least try to be)
>citizens have hardly any contact with the outside world or access to widespread information

2018-04-21 13:13:44 UTC  

Yeah they’re sooo redpilled

2018-04-21 15:03:45 UTC  

lol you are so blind. Can't you see? The DPRK is the last refuge of hope in the world. It is near utopia. Everything they told you is some twisted version of the truth. Hail Kim Il-Sung! Hail Kim Jong Un!

2018-04-21 15:11:47 UTC  

I hope this is ironic

2018-04-21 15:15:27 UTC  

I understand the USA has lied to us before but DPRK isn't some utopia

2018-04-21 15:26:24 UTC  

it sucks to live there

2018-04-21 15:26:35 UTC  

you get food based on how loyal you are to the regime apparently

2018-04-21 15:27:09 UTC  

Workplaces also have "confessions" where people sit around and talk about if anyone might be plotting to defect

2018-04-21 15:31:52 UTC  

North Korea is so close to having Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer down, but Fascism doesn't look like a goal of theirs