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Good morning

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fake and gay

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You could download emulators for free that genuinely work quite well, or you can pay top dollar for a small little emulator box with only a select few amount of games.
Thanks Nintendo

2017-08-06 07:01:19 UTC  

You get Star Fox 2, an unreleased SNES game

2017-08-06 07:01:26 UTC  

plus 2 cute lil controllers

2017-08-06 07:01:38 UTC  

and a few legal snes games loaded too

2017-08-06 07:01:43 UTC  

it's worth the price tbh

2017-08-06 07:02:42 UTC  

Well, legally obtainable

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2017-08-06 07:02:55 UTC  

plus it's only 80 bucks

2017-08-06 07:02:58 UTC  

In this day and age that is

2017-08-06 07:03:03 UTC  

how is it "Top Dollar"

2017-08-06 07:03:36 UTC  

~3-5$ per game on an emulation-box

2017-08-06 07:04:46 UTC  

Legitimate avenue for obtaining old games, though still pricey for a legal means of retro gaming without eBay scammers holding back games at outrageous prices

2017-08-06 11:13:56 UTC  

or just consider 20y/o+ games abandonware, that doesn't profits the dev anymore and just download yourself all SNES rom for free and don't bother with nintendo trying to milk their vintages stuff

2017-08-06 11:36:42 UTC  

you get star fox 2 tho

2017-08-06 11:36:50 UTC  

and a cutesy litle snes

2017-08-06 11:38:54 UTC  

yeah you could pay 80 for a pseudo retro game, or you could get the 721 real retro games releases in the west for free...

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2017-08-06 11:41:05 UTC  

or just both if 80 bucks worth it for you

2017-08-07 11:41:05 UTC  

seen that one

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it just isn't though

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Man Konami used to be the OG coolboys back then