Message from Deleted User in All Things Metal Gear #announcements

2016-06-24 23:24:39 UTC  

Hello fellow farmers!we are currently looking for someone with an outgoing personality to be our recruiter! Our goal is to have enough people in this chat that there is always someone to farm with at any time,that way people don't have to wait around. If you are interested please see me or one of the mods. Thank you!

2016-06-29 03:00:39 UTC  

Hey everybody! Our fellow staff member <@190708170987929600> has just beaten the game for his first time! Remember that feeling!!

2016-07-03 17:19:41 UTC  

Hey there fellow farmers! Please try and get your friends or people you know who would be down to farm to join this chat,our goal is to have enough people here so that there is always someone to farm with at most times. Also we are still looking for someone to fill in the role of recruiter.This is just someone who would be dedicated to getting us more members/farmers. Also,dont forget that you can also resorce farm with one another just as easily!If you are interested in being our recruiter,please talk to me or one of the mods! Thanks everyone and happy forth of july!

2016-07-12 02:49:02 UTC  

Attention fellow farmers! Please lets try not to pass around staff with the "troublemaker" skill,because if we all farm from eachother we are all going to wind up with a lot of them,and thats bad. So when chooseing your s++,please try and leave out the troublemake staff.

2016-08-04 16:57:31 UTC  

@everyone Lets all congradulate DevilSnake74,He is now our newest Admin. He will also serve in the role as recruiter as well. Hes earned this so lets all give him a big "CONGRATS DEVIL SNAKE" !!!

2016-08-12 16:22:24 UTC  

Everyone wish a happy birthday to the @Mr_WepX Mr.Wepx12!

2016-08-12 16:22:32 UTC  

oh and

2016-08-12 16:22:36 UTC  

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2016-08-13 16:55:33 UTC  

@everyone Hey everyone,I just wanted to say thank you to @Kaiserdude and @Towelie for all of their help with the reddit and the videos. Also dont forget to tune into GAME PRO24X's live streams for FOB events. Thats our sister discord over at

2016-08-23 08:34:13 UTC  

@everyone I created youtube chat channel,u can post some funny yt videos there and advertise your yt channels

2016-08-23 22:57:16 UTC  

@everyone attention farmers! @DevilSnake74 has resigned his position as a moderator due to personal issues.He will however be keeping his position as recruiter. If anyone is interested in being a mod,please see me.

2016-08-25 16:59:22 UTC  

@everyone Ok fellow farmers,its down to @dunce and @Alibaba for who will be the new moderator. I have set up a quick and easy poll so please go and vote.

2016-08-26 06:00:01 UTC  

@everyone @Alibaba is now our new moderator!

2016-08-31 01:13:13 UTC  

GAME PRO24X Just made a new video on insurance fraud,be sure to check it out and subscibe to his channel and give the video a like!

2016-09-01 00:39:34 UTC  

@everyone I have revoked all Invites due to some people that were either banned or causing problems useing multi-invites to continue to join the chat. If you had any invites out please re-send them. Thank you.

2016-09-02 02:06:10 UTC  
2016-09-02 02:06:26 UTC  

GAME PRO24X is live streaming,feel free to tune in

2016-09-08 05:37:31 UTC  

@everyone From now on we are implimenting a whole new system of moderation,due to complaints about our old system. The new systems will be: From now on everyone gets (3) Warnings for major offences such as spam,shitposting outside of the shitpost channel,posting NSFW outside of NSFW,ect.Also each moderator is given his own discretion now to ban/kick.Repeat offenders will no longer be unbanned and rebanned over and over. The point of this is to make this a chat where everyone can farm,talk,and have fun while maintaining some order,not to punish people.the last thing we want to do is warn,ban,or kick anyone,we simply want everyone to be able to enjoy this chat and all it has to offer.Thanks for your time and thank you for being a member of this chat!

2016-09-08 16:29:38 UTC  

@everyone We now have assigned roles for different platforms so you can tell whos on what.Also you can now mention them by an @ mention

2016-09-22 05:01:46 UTC  

@everyone snake nameplates are back for the skulls attack event. You must finish in the top 1,000 to get one. And the Top 10 for a gold one.

2016-09-26 22:01:08 UTC  

@everyone in a few days we are going to prune <#188716416520683520> so if you want to screencap something do it now

2016-09-26 22:06:01 UTC  

We are pruning it because we are planning to make it a rules channel

2016-10-30 13:31:21 UTC  

@everyone We now have a bot to prevent mention spam. If you mention the same user over and over,or many users in a row,or everyone spam,or just spam in general,it will kick you.

2016-10-30 13:31:41 UTC  

so dont spam.

2016-11-08 19:05:32 UTC  

@here Non-lethal Machine guns have been added as online developments!

2016-11-08 19:06:07 UTC  

Anti-tranq pills for guards, too

2016-11-13 17:43:10 UTC  

@everyone this is the breakdown of what weapons and vehicals give you for pf points confirmed

2016-11-13 17:43:14 UTC

2016-11-13 17:45:00 UTC  

thanks to @Spartan for the info

2016-11-14 14:57:48 UTC  

LewdBot can be used for music and can be in the voice channel for longer periods of time than Marshmellow. To see Lewdbot's music features, use type in @LewdBot lm

2016-11-14 14:58:44 UTC  

Also, to anyone capable of doing so, do not change LewdBot's nickname. Doing this seems to make it not listen to commands.

2016-11-28 00:12:50 UTC  

ayi castro of cuba is dead

2016-12-01 02:08:20 UTC  

@everyone I am Re-naming this server "All things metal gear" Due to the slow decline of V and the upcoming survive. Also anyone who is intrested in doing artwork for a server Icon Please see me. We need a custom one and i know there are many good artists here.

2016-12-02 00:34:31 UTC  

Important vidya

2016-12-02 17:29:56 UTC  

@everyone If you would like your server to be in <#217463392124796929> give me a shout and ill post an invite. You can also use <#209028847927033856> to advertise your youtube,discord,twitch,or whatever makes you smile when you have alone time.

2016-12-08 14:21:00 UTC  

In case you didn't notice, Rogue was made into a boss. Bow down before him and lower your voice in his magnificent presence.

2016-12-10 20:44:10 UTC  

@everyone Rogue and I have decided to merge our discords as the main focus of both is for disarmament and to level up your base to have better equipment to hunt nukes and defend your base. Please try and be in both discords that way you can be fully involved with everything. The reason we are keeping both discords is for several reasons,mainly because we don't want to lose any members by shutting one server down,and because people still may join one and not be aware of the other until they have joined. Rogue and I will both be equal partners and leaders of the servers,but we will still hold ownership and manage the direction of our individual servers.

2016-12-14 20:01:12 UTC  

@everyone I have made a channel for mgs modding and coding, feel free to place your mods,videos,projects,or any other game modding related stuff there.