Message from Francisco Nuñez - CA in Nice Respectable People Group #jail

2018-03-23 05:26:30 UTC  

hi gills behave next time.

2018-03-23 05:26:33 UTC  

okay bye

2018-03-23 05:26:40 UTC  


2018-03-23 05:26:44 UTC  


2018-03-23 05:26:47 UTC  

ill behave

2018-03-23 05:27:27 UTC  


2018-03-23 05:28:19 UTC  

I'll find another server to shitpost in my bad

2018-03-23 05:28:25 UTC  


2018-03-23 05:28:37 UTC  

I wont shitpost anymore

2018-03-23 05:28:48 UTC  

@Francisco Nuñez - CA we can brap somewhere else

2018-03-23 05:28:52 UTC  


2018-03-23 05:29:01 UTC  

i just made a brappost server

2018-03-23 05:29:13 UTC  

fellas lets press P to pledge to never brap in here again

2018-03-23 05:29:13 UTC  


2018-03-23 05:29:32 UTC  

This doesnt look like behaving.

2018-03-23 05:31:49 UTC  


2018-03-23 05:32:47 UTC  

Imagine being an authoritarian that despises authority.

2018-03-23 05:33:54 UTC  

i love authority

2018-03-23 05:34:15 UTC  

Is this appropriate content to post in a server with doctors, lawyers and millionaires who want to contribute money to this organization? Who want to help awaken our people?

2018-03-23 05:34:47 UTC  

I warned you several times, both in text and in the voice chat that *we all* were in.

2018-03-23 05:35:10 UTC  


2018-03-23 05:35:41 UTC  

A little late night goofiness is one thing, but there is a line, you were warned, and you crossed it anyhow.

2018-03-23 05:35:51 UTC  

yeah i concede

2018-03-23 05:37:40 UTC  

i didnt hear you say anything in voice

2018-03-23 05:38:23 UTC  

Ok, maybe so, maybe not - I certainly posted an @ here in the channel though. Either way you should know the boundary. I'll let your coordinator sort this out tomorrow.

2018-03-23 05:42:21 UTC  

Where do I post bail?

2018-03-23 05:43:19 UTC  

I take payments in Bitcoin

2018-03-23 05:43:39 UTC  

How about Finnish music?

2018-03-23 05:47:08 UTC  


2018-03-23 05:47:34 UTC  

But in all seriousness serve your time for a bit. Gotcha control the 'tism.

2018-03-23 05:48:53 UTC  

Yeah, I know.

2018-03-23 05:49:09 UTC  

Gotcha bud

2018-03-23 05:50:03 UTC  

*"Be quiet in there prisoners!"*

2018-03-23 05:50:19 UTC  

Seriously though, I'd can the convo for a bit.

2018-03-23 05:50:23 UTC  


2018-03-23 06:13:45 UTC  

@Francisco Nuñez - CA what part of can the convo do you not understand? There are thousands of other discord servers. go post in them.

2018-03-23 12:39:26 UTC  

@everyone If there's one thing I don't like it's waking up to 100 messages in mod chat, three people in jail, and new members questioning whether they want to be here because of people shitposting in blatant violation of the rules and total disregard for how their actions represent our organization. @Francisco Nuñez - CA you in particular have been in jail here before and were warned very clearly about proper behavior on this server. I am very disappointed in you. That is not to let anyone else off the hook, either. Do not contact me. Your coordinators will handle this.

2018-03-23 15:49:23 UTC  

A donor has now expressed disappointment with what happened last night in general. Gills, Nazbol, and Francisco will remain here until Monday.

2018-03-23 16:30:37 UTC  

@Francisco Nuñez - CA will remain here until May 23.

2018-03-23 16:32:56 UTC  


2018-03-23 16:42:52 UTC  

Gents, after looking at the channel last night, a few more of you were posting after a Moderator asked everyone to stop. Donors have expressed disappointment with what happened last night in general. Everyone here will remain here until Monday.