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These people fucking admit it

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Why don’t people wake the fuck up

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All the info is out there

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The memories

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Merkel resignation? Oh no, don't do that we'll all be sad.

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Keep them from being separated by keeping them out

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>comey is vehemently antitrump
>people are blaming trump for comey being a sketchy faggot behind his back
imagine my shock

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There’s so much soy in the thread for that tweet

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The international fellowship of Christians and Jews is asking for donations to send Jews to Israel

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Why aren't we funding this?

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It's decent tbh but it still gives pseudo amnesty. It cuts immigrtion, eliminates diversity visa, eliminates catch and release, and gives 25 billion for the wall. No end to chain migration though. The pseudo amnesty is very similar to DACA, but it seems it might be a tad stricter on who gets accpeted into the program. This is the liberal form of the more conservative Goodlatte bill. It could pass the house if the the Freedom Caucus doesn't nuke it over no end to chain migration, but I doubt it would pass the Senate because it needs 60 votes to pass there. Plus Trump has been harping for a long time about chain migration, and given there's no fix in this bill he would probably veto. Imo, it might pass the house but I bet it'll get nuked once it leaves

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The Goodlatte bill as it stands would give amnesty to nearly 2 million people.

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The provisions in this bill besides that are more conservative and probably wouldn't pass the Senate either.

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I think we'll be seeing what we saw erlier this year with a lot of bills but none passing

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Isn't it worth amnesty in exchange for cutting immigration, as long as the immigration cuts are higher than the amnesty?

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Yea I think if we gave amnesty to the DACA people but cut immigration to like 250k that’s not a bad trade off

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Dude DACA amnesty is more than just the people

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It's a lot

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It gives amnesty to also foreign born parents

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Of the DACA kids

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I don’t trust congress not to tack a buncha bullshit amendments onto it that essentially just turns it into amnesty only

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amnesty is cucking hard

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but typical republican behavior

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This is Politicial Suicide