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2018-06-15 02:48:03 UTC  

Dude DACA amnesty is more than just the people

2018-06-15 02:48:06 UTC  

It's a lot

2018-06-15 02:48:25 UTC  

It gives amnesty to also foreign born parents

2018-06-15 02:48:32 UTC  

Of the DACA kids

2018-06-15 02:48:47 UTC  

I don’t trust congress not to tack a buncha bullshit amendments onto it that essentially just turns it into amnesty only

2018-06-15 02:48:55 UTC  

amnesty is cucking hard

2018-06-15 02:49:13 UTC  

but typical republican behavior

2018-06-15 02:49:51 UTC  

This is Politicial Suicide

2018-06-15 02:49:55 UTC  

Only guy I trust to make a good immigration bill is Steve King

2018-06-15 02:49:57 UTC  

During Election Year

2018-06-15 02:50:04 UTC  

Why TF are they doing this

2018-06-15 02:50:05 UTC  

I love Steve King

2018-06-15 02:50:17 UTC  

2nd best Export from my state

2018-06-15 02:50:24 UTC  

The Republican Party really makes me think sometimes

2018-06-15 04:29:04 UTC  

steve king is the closest thing to jesus in washington DC

2018-06-15 04:30:09 UTC  

Hail King

2018-06-15 04:39:24 UTC  

maybe that was too far, my last poast. but man do i love steve king

2018-06-15 04:39:38 UTC  

he is one of us

2018-06-15 04:39:49 UTC  


2018-06-15 09:48:23 UTC

2018-06-15 13:18:36 UTC  

niggers amirite

2018-06-15 13:21:19 UTC  

Don’t read that article, it does the generic β€œlet’s frame whites as some race of criminals who must acknowledge that they’re evil and have wronged muh precious minorities”

2018-06-15 14:50:25 UTC  

I bet that liberals wouldn’t be triggered if i showed them an mp18 than compared to an AR-15

2018-06-15 16:53:02 UTC  


2018-06-15 17:12:58 UTC  


2018-06-15 18:16:48 UTC  

bad news

2018-06-15 18:16:56 UTC  

apparently he "misspoke" on that count

2018-06-15 18:19:09 UTC  


2018-06-15 18:19:49 UTC  


2018-06-15 18:19:51 UTC  

tbh it sounds like trump has one thing in mind, and whoever is talking to The Hill has another plan entirely

2018-06-15 18:20:38 UTC  

the top WH guy for working with congress on legislation, Marc Short, is fucking awful