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Last year alone 143 million Americans just like you and I had their sensitive personal information exposed in online cybercrime and data breaches. Online crime is a real threat in today's society, and that's not even mentioning the fact that your personal browsing data is being collected by entities public and private. All of these factors considered, I strongly endorse using a VPN, or virtual private network, to add a layer of security between you and the content and pages you're viewing. VPN technology effectively shields yourself from the parties trying to track what you do online: companies, internet service providers, and most government entities. whether you're using public or private wifi, your information is at risk. I wouldn't endorse a product I don't trust, and that's why I recommend VirtualShield™'s VPN service. VirtualShield™ offers a VPN service that runs natively on every platform, whether its windows, apple, android, or IOS, and it protects and shields all traffic in and out of your device. Right now my listeners can get a 30 day free trial, and VirtualShield™'s protection, for 20% off regular pricing, using Allsup as the promo code. That's 20 percent off permanently. Your VPN protection on all of your devices comes out to about $1.50 a week. It's a great deal and theyre the company I trust. Go to today

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3/20/18 @ 1pm PST: Richard Spencer vs. Adam Kokesh (moderating on Baked's channel)
3/20/18 @ 5:30pm PST: Responding to Leftist Videos #2 (LIVE on my channel)
3/22/18 @ 5:30pm PST: Debating Anti-Identitarian Callers (LIVE on my channel)

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@here new Nationalist Review is up featuring our own @Roe ! If the link doesn't work immediately try refreshing.

2018-04-04 00:12:20 UTC @everyone james will be live on the baked alaska experience co hosting a debate between jay dyer and richard spencer in just under 3 minutes

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new stream is up w/ spencer, baked, jay dyer, and myself

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I'll be debating race realism in about 20 minutes on the Red Elephants channel. Link here:

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@everyone wake up new vid <:smug:378698410406051860>

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