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2018-01-03 23:54:12 UTC  

So i mean, whats the whole deal with it? Is the irs gonna knock on my door for trading shitcoins all day?

2018-01-03 23:54:17 UTC  

they also shut down plenty of accounts that have donated to stormer

2018-01-03 23:55:01 UTC  

If you're dealing with more than like $20K you're going to have an issue

2018-01-03 23:55:36 UTC  

trading $100 worth of penny stocks the IRS isn't going to care

2018-01-03 23:56:06 UTC  

Just keep track of your readings in Coinbase. Don’t worry about trades on Chinese servers like Binance.

2018-01-03 23:56:22 UTC  

Note that I am not a lawyer, accountant or financial advisor and the above is not financial advice. Always consult a qualified expert for tax advice.

2018-01-03 23:56:30 UTC  

ok sweet, @Deleted User Wrench was freaking out after i mentioned it because of something enoch said

2018-01-03 23:56:30 UTC  

Use Gemini

2018-01-03 23:58:42 UTC  

What is gemini exactly? a trading site?

2018-01-04 00:42:54 UTC  

its just like coinbase

2018-01-04 00:42:55 UTC  

Yeah, for buying

2018-01-04 00:43:06 UTC  

theres this thing out there

2018-01-04 00:43:09 UTC  

called the internet

2018-01-04 00:43:16 UTC  

and if you search things on it it tells you what they are

2018-01-04 00:43:16 UTC  


2018-01-04 00:43:19 UTC  


2018-01-04 00:43:32 UTC  

just fucking with ya

2018-01-04 00:48:01 UTC  

No im on their website right now im just not getting whats different from them to counbase

2018-01-04 00:48:05 UTC  


2018-01-04 01:37:06 UTC  

IRS is all over Coinbase

2018-01-04 01:37:23 UTC  

Use Gemini

2018-01-04 01:38:13 UTC  

So you buy eth, or Btc and then you go to other markets to buy the shitcoins?

2018-01-04 01:52:21 UTC  

you go to exchanges

2018-01-04 01:52:33 UTC  

also, TRX is doing a run right nows

2018-01-04 01:52:45 UTC  

oh shit tron

2018-01-04 01:52:51 UTC  

yea holy shit 46%

2018-01-04 01:53:13 UTC  

.0000063 to .0000075 in the last 2 hours

2018-01-04 01:53:27 UTC  

Yeah, I’ve tripled my money in TRX and bought a week ago

2018-01-04 01:53:54 UTC  

I should have bought this afternoon but I thought it was going to deflate tonight

2018-01-04 01:54:00 UTC  

it still might

2018-01-04 01:54:43 UTC  

It’ll be at least $1 by the end of the year. Good long term investment

2018-01-04 01:55:32 UTC  

just from my suboptimal investments I'm up 5% since yesterday

2018-01-04 01:55:47 UTC  

and I missed out on some of the best opportunities

2018-01-04 01:58:27 UTC  

you think its going to go down tonight or should I buy now?

2018-01-04 01:58:57 UTC  

set a buy order for something lower than it is now.

2018-01-04 01:59:13 UTC  

it will most likely keep going up

2018-01-04 02:00:23 UTC  

its at .0000075 rn. Should I set the buy order for .000006 or higher?

2018-01-04 02:01:18 UTC  

set for 73

2018-01-04 02:01:45 UTC  

ok. You don't think its going to follow the pattern of going down significantly overnight and then back?

2018-01-04 02:01:57 UTC  

fugg its back at .73 now

2018-01-04 02:02:03 UTC  

it might