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2018-01-08 08:18:22 UTC  

Dude trx

2018-01-08 08:18:37 UTC  

I bet will is shitting his pants

2018-01-08 08:18:54 UTC  

I sold trx and bought xvg

2018-01-08 08:19:07 UTC  

They made some announcements today

2018-01-08 08:19:12 UTC  

Going up now

2018-01-08 08:19:16 UTC  
2018-01-08 08:23:11 UTC  

@newbowl yea lol

2018-01-08 08:28:04 UTC  

@Deleted User thx man appreciate it

2018-01-08 08:30:08 UTC  


2018-01-08 08:30:08 UTC  

2018-01-08 09:15:27 UTC  

@Deleted User TRX hits korean exchange in 2 hrs

2018-01-08 11:09:24 UTC  

What the fuck is with this recent down on just about everything

2018-01-08 11:26:49 UTC  

@everyone if anyone is not on binance I guess they reopened registration but only temporarily

2018-01-08 11:27:51 UTC  

good question

2018-01-08 11:28:07 UTC  

koreans probably crashed their exchange

2018-01-08 11:46:56 UTC  

So does that mean this is a good time to get started?

2018-01-08 12:12:30 UTC  

without a doubt. even if you just put some money into btc.

2018-01-08 12:13:21 UTC  

comparing market caps with bitcoin and usd for example we are still like top 3% of adopters

2018-01-08 12:14:42 UTC  

wall street isn't in bitcoin yet

2018-01-08 12:14:50 UTC  

but they are coming

2018-01-08 13:52:19 UTC  

bought some ADA

2018-01-08 13:53:24 UTC  

SUB on sale

2018-01-08 14:10:59 UTC  

should've mined more pirl when it was easy

2018-01-08 14:12:54 UTC  

I agree with this dude pretty much "As long as money is moving out of fiat and into crypto it doesn’t really matter what coins benefit. A culling of alts will happen, but not till we start seeing some fiat catastrophes, bank failures, central bank capitulation, while crypto market blows past $5 tr."

2018-01-08 14:13:01 UTC  

we have months of this left imo

2018-01-08 14:13:12 UTC  

@Deleted User check out vert

2018-01-08 14:13:45 UTC  

i know a couple dudes who try to keep it on the dl but that's what they mine

2018-01-08 14:13:52 UTC  

its not worth it

2018-01-08 14:15:04 UTC  


2018-01-08 14:15:15 UTC  

same for node ?

2018-01-08 14:15:50 UTC  

that'll give you an idea

2018-01-08 14:15:55 UTC  

of mining profitability

2018-01-08 14:16:25 UTC  

really zcl is best but it'd take forever ot get a decent payout

2018-01-08 14:16:39 UTC  


2018-01-08 14:16:56 UTC  

just gonna keep on the etn'

2018-01-08 14:17:09 UTC  

about to get a 50 payout here in a few hours