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This is how you fight communism

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by destroying the high end of my speakers

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Well, no, media "scientists", paid off actor "scientists", Bill Nye all say that. But, it's the poor bee's digestive tracts are being stripped of their little stomach bacteria and having holes drilled through them by GMO'd flowering buds. These buds, contain both a man made created bacterium which perpetually replicates inside the bee's digestive system, boring holes in it, starving them to death, and also wiping out their own intestinal ecology at the same time. Which in turn makes them galactically sick and automatically prone to getting yeast and fungal infections, normal bacteria eats fungus. Once stricken the contagion is transported to the hive, and the pollen from the buds is shared with the others. So eventually the bee hive collapse as the sick bees infect each other with bee and bug killing GMO. Originally the plants contained bug killing GMO weapons not in the flower buds, or so it was planned, but the hybrid and uncontrolled mixing in the wild changed all that. Now you have a GMO killer hybrid plants, all thanks to Monsanto. I can't recall the name of the self-replicating bacteria they used, but it's now 'infected' a town in Canada too, apparently it's been causing massive birth defects by doing the same thing in mothers and children.

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So basically the canadafags

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Canada is just California but cold

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and 30* bigger

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The Jews control the banks, the Jews control the Media, the Jews control the Government. They are only 2% of the population, why is that?

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anyone got a good stream of the shit in pdx?

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daily reminder to read SIEGE

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Yo can I get vetted

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@Gurgio oh my god wasn't that amazing

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The best part? Communism literally claims to DEFEND THE POOR

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These people are MENTALLY RETARDED

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I hope someone grabs that clip

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it has to happen

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Someone did

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i am an idiot otherwise I would do it

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It'll be archived

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I will if nobody does

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Hey ppl, new member here. My newbie 10 min just expired. 😃

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Watching the livestream, looks like 4/15 Berkley 2.0

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I'm new to discord, don't exactly know how this works. I was invited by Marcus Anfernee @ the 4/27 Berkley event.

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Sup man

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