Messsage from Vic_Mackey in Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery

Akashic Wrecker 2018-01-25 03:22:39  

sould i get a pistol?

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:22:51  

I actually legit did fbi intro stuff then all this election happened and I just rescinded application

Vic_Mackey 2018-01-25 03:22:58  


Krieg 2018-01-25 03:23:10  

Buy a Schwerer Gustav

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:23:24  

There is legit good dudes at bottom and mid of fed the high ups are appointed of careerists and just suck dick

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:23:57  

I think my next cc pistol is a Sig , g19x or an HK

Krieg 2018-01-25 03:24:06  

I don't care if there are "good dudes" in the federal ranks

Krieg 2018-01-25 03:24:18  

they're willing to fuck me and my work over to keep their job so fuck em

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:24:26  

There is some very spicy shit on the start up side I may have to end up with an MP5 in my suv

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:24:52  

I get it. I just didn’t want to do Fed mayne. I make more money in start up endeavors

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:25:18  

Border patrol would be lit

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:25:21  

That’s Fed

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:25:32  

They have a tier one unit also

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:25:39  


Vic_Mackey 2018-01-25 03:26:13  

Tbh I've thought about doing border patrol

Krieg 2018-01-25 03:26:28  

I have personal friends who are state cops but I don't say a peep about my political beliefs to even THEM because you just cannot know how they will use that information and they have power over you

Vic_Mackey 2018-01-25 03:26:30  

Some of the only non-ovenworthy feds

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:26:48  

I’m not a cop at all lmao

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:27:31  

I’m a finance guy

Vic_Mackey 2018-01-25 03:27:51  


Vic_Mackey 2018-01-25 03:28:01  

Lol that's what my degree is in too

Krieg 2018-01-25 03:28:04  

If somebody works for the government in any capacity even if it's just at the DMV I will not talk about my beliefs with them

Krieg 2018-01-25 03:28:18  

I just can't trust them

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:28:19  

In a past life I think cop could be fun but maybe just county sheriffs office

Vic_Mackey 2018-01-25 03:28:22  

Dude especially DMV

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:28:29  

But I have a life style so...

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:28:36  

Lol dmv

Vic_Mackey 2018-01-25 03:28:36  

Dept. of Mamzer Vaginas

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:28:44  

Uniformed welfare

Krieg 2018-01-25 03:29:07  

<:mamamia:397547990664871936> Be Silent about cosa nostra

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:29:13  

I may be moving back down south thank god. Need a job boat for duck hunt

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:29:17  

Got me super excited

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:29:46  

I just want a plantation while the Fed burns

Krieg 2018-01-25 03:30:00  

@Vic_Mackey We should have a save up thing and get everyone to take a travel all at once

Krieg 2018-01-25 03:30:09  

to like Europe or some other shithole like hawaii

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:30:22  

Lived in Germany 8 years

Vic_Mackey 2018-01-25 03:30:24  

Hawaii is crazy expensive haha

Vanguard 2018-01-25 03:30:33  

Going there now in my areas makes me sick

Krieg 2018-01-25 03:30:33  

I've meen to Kawaii before

Vic_Mackey 2018-01-25 03:30:38  


Krieg 2018-01-25 03:30:38  

I was there for like 2 weeks