Message from Antagonizer in Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery

2018-01-25 18:33:24 UTC  


2018-01-25 18:33:25 UTC  

its not a negative post

2018-01-25 18:33:36 UTC  

im admiring you band of rapscallions

2018-01-25 18:33:55 UTC  

Will Niggers finally join the anti burger shitposting force of Bowltz?

2018-01-25 18:34:37 UTC  

idk man am i worthy? i pay my bills on time i know that makes me a cuck

2018-01-25 18:34:44 UTC  

sometimes i jaywalk is that siege enough?

2018-01-25 18:36:07 UTC  

i prefer lowes over home depot

2018-01-25 18:36:14 UTC  

does that automatically disqualify me?

2018-01-25 18:38:29 UTC  

>not chopping down a tree with your bare hands for lumber

2018-01-25 18:40:02 UTC  

Christ that Atomwaffen vid

2018-01-25 18:40:10 UTC  


2018-01-25 18:40:53 UTC  

Wont open for me

2018-01-25 18:41:59 UTC  

Wait there we go

2018-01-25 18:42:20 UTC  

Idk seems kind of fun to go larping with your pals in the woods and shoot guns

2018-01-25 18:42:38 UTC  

Probably will get you some fed visits tho

2018-01-25 18:43:33 UTC  

Yeah fun as fuck obv, but WEW

2018-01-25 18:44:13 UTC  

all things considered it's a great aesthetic and I want more young kids to watch it

2018-01-25 18:44:40 UTC  

fantastic youth appeal

2018-01-25 18:46:27 UTC  

Might share it tbh

2018-01-25 18:46:35 UTC  

yeah definitely do

2018-01-25 18:48:01 UTC  

There might be Antifa and media when I leave the court house. Fml

2018-01-25 18:49:27 UTC  

Have something around your neck to cover your face going in and out

2018-01-25 18:49:44 UTC  

Slightly under your suit

2018-01-25 18:51:02 UTC  


2018-01-25 18:51:06 UTC  

Got a hoidie

2018-01-25 18:51:39 UTC  


2018-01-25 18:51:40 UTC

2018-01-25 18:52:08 UTC  

I'm inside now. I came 2 hours early

2018-01-25 18:53:19 UTC  

good idea

2018-01-25 18:53:46 UTC  

There you go just pull that tight fam when you walk out

2018-01-25 18:54:57 UTC  

saved with lightning speed

2018-01-25 18:59:18 UTC  

I always carry a mask fust incase of such things

2018-01-25 19:02:00 UTC  

Getting rid of your normie social media is helpful as well. If you still have that for some reason

2018-01-25 19:02:10 UTC  

No good will come of your linkedin

2018-01-25 19:02:23 UTC  

I have a half mask that I can twist and wear on my arm

2018-01-25 19:02:38 UTC  

One of those tube masks

2018-01-25 19:04:29 UTC  

Hello feds

2018-01-25 19:14:34 UTC  

@Antagonizer you need a bowlcut

2018-01-25 19:14:48 UTC  

every bowlcut comes with a cloaking feature that makes us invisible to our enemies