Message from Blitz ⚡ in Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery

2018-01-27 05:27:46 UTC  

Many bowlthers

2018-01-27 05:27:54 UTC  

They said you don’t even lift legs

2018-01-27 05:28:01 UTC  

legs are like my best asset

2018-01-27 05:28:08 UTC  

the only person here whom has seen a pic of me is Vic

2018-01-27 05:28:24 UTC  

Chicken legs

2018-01-27 05:28:34 UTC  

are you trying to bait me into posting my juicy thighs

2018-01-27 05:28:47 UTC  

You mean your scrawny chicken legs?

2018-01-27 05:28:49 UTC  

30" thighs wut up bitch ill crush your head like a watermelon make you drink my juices

2018-01-27 05:29:02 UTC  

You mean WHOST'S SAID THAT @Blitz ⚡ Tighten up that grammar

2018-01-27 05:29:13 UTC  

I'll fucking sodomise you

2018-01-27 05:29:39 UTC  

Nonstop roided cock pounding right up your fashy boypussy, yeah you'd like that wouldnt you, you fuckin faggot?

2018-01-27 05:29:49 UTC  

The girth of your chode is bigger than the girth of your thighs

2018-01-27 05:29:59 UTC  

i dont have a chode 😦

2018-01-27 05:30:28 UTC  

i actually measured the other night to update my stats, gonna try stretching my foreskin out to increase my Vril powers

2018-01-27 05:30:40 UTC  

having a thick meaty foreskin increases your astral presence

2018-01-27 05:31:33 UTC  

You prob have a massive meaty foreskin to cover that chode of yours

2018-01-27 05:32:00 UTC  

I'll dock you

2018-01-27 05:32:08 UTC  

Blitz has phimosis

2018-01-27 05:32:20 UTC  

Houston we have confirmed lock, open airlock

2018-01-27 05:33:06 UTC  

Phimosis blitz

2018-01-27 05:34:23 UTC  

@Krieg dirk can confirm i do not have phimosis, you lunar faggot

2018-01-27 05:34:37 UTC  

I have transcended the lunar curse fuck off

2018-01-27 05:44:37 UTC  

next meet up bowlsta is gonna be air tight

2018-01-27 05:55:17 UTC  

I am the angel of hetrosexual intercourse, the straight Zeus. Come slam your healthy vaginal hole down into my front door rod, I wish to collect as many creampies to create live biological souls and watch my lovely lady absorb them into her healthy womb. I am the cauldron of many poz loads and you can mix the spermed up vaginal fluids with your pussy caverns.
<@&335649595675770881> <@&352723196987965441> <@&336660469504802816> <@&353078090790076416> <@&351912398870806529> <@&389420642438742016> <@&335650072585043968> <@&335650728700018688>

2018-01-27 07:13:05 UTC  


2018-01-27 07:13:27 UTC  

@Vic_Mackey is the recording from last night up yet?

2018-01-27 07:17:58 UTC  

@Tactical BowlCut I think Vic is at a concert rn

2018-01-27 07:18:23 UTC  

Did the audio ever get posted?

2018-01-27 07:18:39 UTC  

I'm at our regular watering hole, and he is nowhere to be found

2018-01-27 07:18:43 UTC  
2018-01-27 07:18:46 UTC  

Idk probs not

2018-01-27 07:18:58 UTC  


2018-01-27 07:19:01 UTC  

I think he wuz intending to

2018-01-27 07:42:44 UTC  

yeah the audio is poasted, scroll up

2018-01-27 07:43:19 UTC  

i’m daddies wittle tide pod hehe (^▽^) i’m all squishy and wet for daddy! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ he loves how my bitter taste nuzzles his taste buds and my Botanical Rain™️ scent!!!! (。 ・ ω ・ 。 )

but he knows how im not meant to be eaten… (´ ・ ω ・ `) waaah!!! dont vore me daddy ( ; ∀ ; ) hehehe my soap-pussy is so wet >///< 1 lick 2 lick 3 lick 4… no more daddy i’ll break~(•/// ▽ ///•) hehe i’m daddies wittle tide pod so wet and squishy =w=

2018-01-27 07:51:46 UTC  

@Blitz ⚡ Vic and I swapped spit at the concert tonight. Are you jealous?

2018-01-27 07:52:00 UTC  

no im frothing at the thought

2018-01-27 08:01:53 UTC  

Sam Hyde gave me some tips at the gym last night

2018-01-27 08:01:58 UTC  

if u know what i mean

2018-01-27 08:02:17 UTC

2018-01-27 08:02:26 UTC  

Did he vomit on you?