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2018-01-27 18:06:13 UTC  

anyone have that virgin alt-right vs chad seige-poster meme?

2018-01-27 18:06:34 UTC  

So are all the Moors that the Spanish royalty converted after the reconquista

2018-01-27 18:07:14 UTC  

No but I have this one

2018-01-27 18:08:55 UTC  

I just need the virgin alt-right guy

2018-01-27 18:09:49 UTC  

I might have that

2018-01-27 18:11:13 UTC  

I found one but it's low-res as fuck

2018-01-27 18:12:58 UTC

2018-01-27 18:20:40 UTC  


2018-01-27 18:32:36 UTC  

I am the virgin identity evorpa.

2018-01-27 18:34:08 UTC  

And proud

2018-01-27 18:34:31 UTC  

That's fucking retarded

2018-01-27 18:35:08 UTC  

You should change the atomwaffen guy

2018-01-27 18:35:35 UTC  

-Members always getting arrested for attempting too make bombs

2018-01-27 18:36:23 UTC  

Brother Khakis and racist neoliberalism will save the huwyte race

2018-01-27 18:36:39 UTC  

Dear lord 😒

2018-01-27 18:37:01 UTC  

Honestly we all need to read "Total Resistance".

2018-01-27 18:37:06 UTC  

Done & Done.

2018-01-27 18:37:07 UTC  

Dude im joking relax

2018-01-27 18:40:04 UTC  

Were no use behind bars

2018-01-27 18:43:58 UTC  

Siege explicitly tells you not to do things that will get you thrown in a dungeon

2018-01-27 18:48:06 UTC  

Common sense should tell you not to do things that land you in prison. I call it being a white man.

2018-01-27 18:51:25 UTC  

That's dumb logic. If anything "Being white" should make you want to be a revolutionary

2018-01-27 18:51:30 UTC  

@MallrLasinger Well no shit.

2018-01-27 18:51:38 UTC  

@Krieg Damn straight.

2018-01-27 18:51:45 UTC

2018-01-27 18:52:01 UTC  


2018-01-27 18:52:11 UTC  

Always OPSEC daily!

2018-01-27 18:53:19 UTC  

@Krieg Also H. V. Dach says only "resist" against "soft targets".

2018-01-27 18:53:24 UTC  

The system is zog controlled, operated and if we're being honest created. The only "White" course of action is to tear it all down.

2018-01-27 18:53:28 UTC  

Then build up.

2018-01-27 18:53:54 UTC  

Even Hitler said too work within the system as long as you can fam.

2018-01-27 18:54:12 UTC  

But ovecourse

2018-01-27 18:54:23 UTC  

Jewry is alot stronger now

2018-01-27 18:54:24 UTC  

@Ms.ElleFish WELL and The SA technically waged Guerrilla Warfare.

2018-01-27 18:54:27 UTC  

Hitler went to public events for the specific purpose of beating the shit out of people.

2018-01-27 18:54:50 UTC  

Yeah the SA fought with the reds daily

2018-01-27 18:55:01 UTC  

they killed reds in the street

2018-01-27 18:55:19 UTC

2018-01-27 18:57:33 UTC  

Revolutionary activity has been done in the past.

2018-01-27 18:57:44 UTC  

It was at its peak in the 80s and 90s

2018-01-27 18:58:03 UTC  

The order. The CSA. Elihem city etc etc