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2018-01-30 06:19:47 UTC  

wish i had another bowl there to witness this

2018-01-30 06:19:52 UTC  

ok got it. thanks.

2018-01-30 06:19:59 UTC  

I’m only hard when bowlthers are around

2018-01-30 06:20:08 UTC  

@loadedbrush what were you doing at Nigger U?

2018-01-30 06:20:26 UTC  

Didnt crop it sorry

2018-01-30 06:20:30 UTC  

literally had to explain to 20 mamzers why we have lines and dont allow traps to cut in line, that this disorder is going to lead to physical removal

2018-01-30 06:20:33 UTC  

I am but a recovering nigger

2018-01-30 06:20:45 UTC  


2018-01-30 06:20:50 UTC  

i was visiting someone

2018-01-30 06:21:07 UTC  

But daddy <:Daddy:406000576804028416>

2018-01-30 06:21:14 UTC  


2018-01-30 06:21:21 UTC  


2018-01-30 06:21:47 UTC  

yea hopefully its the last time, but was almost worth this whole judicial ordeal to btfo a couple dozen mamzers and trigger a chimpout at the jail

2018-01-30 06:21:54 UTC  


2018-01-30 06:22:01 UTC  

swational socialism

2018-01-30 06:22:09 UTC

2018-01-30 06:22:16 UTC  

Triggering jailhouse chimpouts is pretty SIEGE

2018-01-30 06:22:20 UTC  

>implying you even need to trigger chimpouts in jails

2018-01-30 06:22:53 UTC  

a white teenager was visiting the person with me so i was able to clearly show why mamzers are not acceptable, unwelcome, and warrant physical removal

2018-01-30 06:23:31 UTC  

was nice to red pill her kid brother with some rl bowlpoasting haha

2018-01-30 06:23:51 UTC  


2018-01-30 06:24:05 UTC  

after it happened, im like so, johnny boy, you heard of the daily stormer

2018-01-30 06:24:15 UTC  

best nazi satire rag this side of the reichstagg

2018-01-30 06:24:23 UTC  

Someone needs to use that pic from American History X where he’s pointing to his tattoo and replace the swastika with a tattoo of chipper Boggs

2018-01-30 06:24:38 UTC  

Kid in 3 years

2018-01-30 06:24:48 UTC  

he already has a bowl

2018-01-30 06:24:56 UTC  

trying to get him to see what he has

2018-01-30 06:25:22 UTC  

gotta make the meme of i gave you this bowl, this is my bowl, i made this, instead of handing western civilization, pass the bowl

2018-01-30 06:25:47 UTC  

this kid started smoking weed this summer, time to show him the true bowl

2018-01-30 06:26:01 UTC  

Broke: Smoking a bowl
Woke: Smoking niggers with a bowl

2018-01-30 06:26:40 UTC

2018-01-30 06:26:52 UTC  

A few more minutes.

2018-01-30 06:27:08 UTC

2018-01-30 06:28:12 UTC  

hilarious that the black trap i called out for snaking us in line got so triggered it flicked my name and address on the sign in sheet

2018-01-30 06:28:44 UTC  

so, self defense situation isnt out of the question

2018-01-30 06:29:09 UTC  

Does a nigger trap say “I don’t want muh dick”?

2018-01-30 06:29:10 UTC  

i antagonized it after that saying oh u got my info good, you dont belong here, go back to where people dont know what a line is

2018-01-30 06:29:11 UTC  

im just glad i got my scope today

2018-01-30 06:29:26 UTC  

ive been practicing tracking it on cars going down the street and pedestrians

2018-01-30 06:29:26 UTC  

Is it good optics?

2018-01-30 06:29:31 UTC