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2018-01-30 09:25:35 UTC  

@Blitz ⚡ the only one who would enjoy someone being doxxed is a faggot. how am i terrible person? i attack weird lying faggots like you

2018-01-30 09:25:37 UTC  

There's only one thing that ns would have to post to make the fat jokes end, and he can't even do that.

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2018-01-30 09:25:46 UTC  

I’ve seen some pretty cringe shit at rallies

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2018-01-30 09:25:49 UTC  

Alright too much estrogen in this thread I'm going to sleep now.

2018-01-30 09:25:51 UTC

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2018-01-30 09:25:59 UTC  

@Bojangles Unchained ⛄ stop poasting my pics

2018-01-30 09:26:01 UTC

2018-01-30 09:26:01 UTC  


2018-01-30 09:26:03 UTC  

what world did you guys live in before you were red pilled

2018-01-30 09:26:08 UTC  

remember how you said you and your faggot friends stole flags, like a gay flag from a gay bar and burnt it? but in the vid the fucking flag had perfect creases and had clearly just ome out of the packaging?

2018-01-30 09:26:08 UTC

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2018-01-30 09:26:18 UTC  

@TheBowlFather where the hell are you on your journey now anyways?

2018-01-30 09:26:19 UTC

2018-01-30 09:26:26 UTC

2018-01-30 09:26:37 UTC  

I never even knew that happened

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2018-01-30 09:26:38 UTC  

imagine getting so butthurt over a couple of shitposts in the forms of short stories

2018-01-30 09:26:42 UTC  

He's up to 5000 calories a day.

2018-01-30 09:26:43 UTC  

@Akashic Wrecker you fags are obviously trying to doxx me. searching for my craigslist ads.

2018-01-30 09:26:45 UTC  

imagine being Bart

2018-01-30 09:26:55 UTC  

No one is trying to doxx you

2018-01-30 09:26:55 UTC  

@TheBowlFather No they're not

2018-01-30 09:27:02 UTC  

Calm down

2018-01-30 09:27:06 UTC  

Stop being a paranoid cooch

2018-01-30 09:27:07 UTC  

Going for those massive gains to bulk up.

2018-01-30 09:27:18 UTC

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2018-01-30 09:27:35 UTC  

don't have a cow, man

2018-01-30 09:27:39 UTC  

You talked about putting your truck on Craigslist on here @TheBowlFather

2018-01-30 09:27:56 UTC  

hey guys I used the dress us in girls clothes and let my gf peg me but it's okay I have disavowed my past and read siege GTKRWN

2018-01-30 09:27:56 UTC  

paranoid cooch? he claimed to have found my ad on craigslist

2018-01-30 09:28:05 UTC  

I did chest and triceps today

2018-01-30 09:28:05 UTC  


2018-01-30 09:28:11 UTC  

So what

2018-01-30 09:28:16 UTC  

Frank has proven character

2018-01-30 09:28:24 UTC  

I did wrist today

2018-01-30 09:28:30 UTC  

i take that seriously. if you try to disrupt my flow of income, mess with my livelyhood, or threaten my families safety, i will kill you.