Message from TheBowlFather in Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery

2018-01-30 09:30:23 UTC  

fuck man, that's a felony

2018-01-30 09:30:26 UTC  

i just said i would kill anyone who hurts my family

2018-01-30 09:30:27 UTC

2018-01-30 09:30:35 UTC  

@Blitz ⚡ i was referring to Derrick Davis also lol

2018-01-30 09:30:36 UTC  

i didnt make any direct threats

2018-01-30 09:30:39 UTC  

ohh lmao

2018-01-30 09:30:48 UTC  

Yeah and we’re saying no one is going to doxx you

2018-01-30 09:30:50 UTC  

also castbowle arent you the one talking about violent shit with that ex?

2018-01-30 09:30:52 UTC  

just to santa claus?

2018-01-30 09:30:55 UTC  

DerrTHICC Davis

2018-01-30 09:30:55 UTC  

So stop kvetching

2018-01-30 09:30:58 UTC  

jason i know you wouldnt

2018-01-30 09:31:01 UTC  

im still considering making fevs my stepson

2018-01-30 09:31:03 UTC  

but frank is the one who threatened me with it

2018-01-30 09:31:03 UTC  

I'm terribly insecure and just want you to like me, neat, so I think everything you say is directed at me. Please love me 😭

2018-01-30 09:31:09 UTC  

I’m telling you Frank wouldn’t either

2018-01-30 09:31:09 UTC  

like i couldnt contact that whore he was living with

2018-01-30 09:31:12 UTC  

and get all of his details

2018-01-30 09:31:21 UTC  
2018-01-30 09:31:25 UTC  


2018-01-30 09:31:25 UTC  

you arent franks keeper. i dont think you would dox me jason but i believe he would

2018-01-30 09:31:27 UTC  

Oooo 1337 haxxor

2018-01-30 09:31:33 UTC  

Hacker man on the job

2018-01-30 09:31:40 UTC  

No but he’s a good friend of mine and he has proven character

2018-01-30 09:31:40 UTC  

im not a hacker at all

2018-01-30 09:31:48 UTC  

@TheBowlFather he wouldn't christ

2018-01-30 09:31:49 UTC  

So stop kvetching

2018-01-30 09:31:50 UTC  

Then do it, faggot.

2018-01-30 09:31:53 UTC  

lol proven character. ok man whatever you say.

2018-01-30 09:31:57 UTC  

I said she pulled a shotgun on me, so I ninjaed her ass and held her down until the cops showed up. I wasn't going to kill her for it. She didn't deserve it, she has severe mental problems, and I still hate her and sent her across the country.

2018-01-30 09:32:01 UTC  

No doxxing bowls

2018-01-30 09:32:04 UTC  

Yeah. Character.

2018-01-30 09:32:12 UTC

2018-01-30 09:32:31 UTC  

ok thats good frank. i didnt threaten anyone. i just said i would protect my family if someone tried to hurt them

2018-01-30 09:32:32 UTC  

I need to shower I stinkn

2018-01-30 09:32:40 UTC  

well niggers do stink

2018-01-30 09:32:45 UTC

2018-01-30 09:32:47 UTC  


2018-01-30 09:32:54 UTC  


2018-01-30 09:32:57 UTC  

Kill Anglos and Irish

2018-01-30 09:33:06 UTC  

mainly Irish