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Copy pasta saved.

Extra copy pasta plz yummy

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@sly the huntres find me more copy pastas.

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Im collecting them.

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@stedly A copy of the message from info wars discord?

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Congratulations @sly the huntres, you're now level 1.

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For anyone who is "mourning" Chester from Linkin Park:

You're either willfully ignorant of cultural appropriation or blatantly racist yourself.

Do you morons not understand that rapping is black culture, and rock music WAS black culture before white people stole it (like they do everything), watered it down to make it more palatable​ for house wives, and sold it to racist, white teenagers? All Linkin Park did was continue the trend of stealing from people of color and give them no credit or reparations.

Linkin Park is a white supremacist band, and I'm glad Chester killed himself. It's the only way he could've made up for all the damage he'd done.

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Thats a copy pasta @sly the huntres

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Its trolly, strategically meant to trigger or cause a humorous reaction.

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@stedly@everyone In light of current events the Infowars Discord server extends our condolences to Alex Jones' family. A young man at only 44 years old he died an early and unexpected death. Over the next few weeks we will all feel the repercussions of this horrible act of violence. The hoodlums who smashed Alex Jones' head with a bike lock are currently in custody and awaiting trial. No one could have predicted this incident. Alex was brave for going into the downtown San Francisco area. The local government and police force should be held accountable for the riot staged on Moscone Center. For weeks before Alex and his crew were bombarded with threats pertaining to the event and yet the local government and police did nothing to prepare for those absolutely horrid crime. From all the staff on the IW Discord server: we love and support Alex Jones, Infowars, and Alex Jones' family. A great man has been lost today but his cause will live on. heart

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is this what you wanted?

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I still don't see any news it was posted at 8:01 pm

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but hes alive

This 100% verifiable

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Yeah alex jones alive I called to make sure and he started interrupting when he immediately answered.

I jerked off to his brain force and then got extra happy

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if he dies can we still get water filters?

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A discount hopefully.

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Water straws with crystal

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sorry it was sent to me from discord info wars.. what a fing joke, I'm not a fan of his at all. scum he's scum

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@PenSHITLORD Ron doesn't know who Aaron Swartz is! He's comped!

Is that frosting @stedly

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Of course he's comped

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New phone backround

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