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2018-01-31 18:40:47 UTC  

Then I became pro-nazi out of convenience because nobody else attacked the jews and finally discovered a spiritual connetion to national socialism and now I'm hardline NatSoc

2018-01-31 18:41:27 UTC  

Yeah kinda same here

2018-01-31 18:41:45 UTC  

First racist lolberancapian

2018-01-31 18:41:52 UTC  

Then ironic nazi

2018-01-31 18:42:01 UTC  

To trigger people

2018-01-31 18:42:13 UTC  

Then I realized it was completely right

2018-01-31 18:42:31 UTC  
2018-01-31 18:43:59 UTC  

Young babby mode: Cuckservative
early teens: an-com
mid teens: (this is where I woke on the JQ) Tankie communist
Late teens: NAZBOL GANG
Early 20s racist capitalist with socialist leanings still
now: National Socialist

2018-01-31 18:44:46 UTC  

@Blitz ⚡ One of your articles is mistitled

2018-01-31 18:45:30 UTC  

I was an anarchist for years until I realized It wasn't actually about Chucking people from helicopters

2018-01-31 18:45:59 UTC  

@Blitz ⚡ thats more or less my opinion of the holocaust debate at this point. Good article, worded it better than I could.

2018-01-31 18:46:28 UTC  

Racist libertarian -> racist minarchist -> racist Pinochet-tier authoritarian capitalist -> British fascist -> NatSoc

2018-01-31 18:47:27 UTC  

Is that the Unemployed Neet cycle

2018-01-31 18:47:28 UTC  

Before I even found dailystormer I knew Dylann roof did nothing wrong

2018-01-31 18:47:47 UTC  

NeetSoc master race

2018-01-31 18:47:54 UTC  


2018-01-31 18:48:07 UTC  

Unempoloyed Neet is kind of redundant

2018-01-31 18:48:15 UTC  

Wish I was neet tbh, sick of uni

2018-01-31 18:48:36 UTC  

Neet life is awesome

2018-01-31 18:48:57 UTC  

I can shitpost all day and be ready for plans at a moments notice

2018-01-31 18:49:16 UTC  

Enviro-lefty > centrist > pro gun independent > Trumpite > Fascist > Natsoc

2018-01-31 18:49:28 UTC  

Each cycle lasted shorter than the last.

2018-01-31 18:49:36 UTC  

My friend wants me to go on an 8+ hour roadtrip in 3 days I couldn't say yes to that if I was a wagecuck

2018-01-31 18:50:12 UTC  

@Dr. J. T. Goebbowls Pretty much the same for me in the cycles rapidly changing

2018-01-31 18:50:16 UTC  

I used to want to have a compound filled with weed plants and guns but now I want a compound filled with shrooms and guns and explosives

2018-01-31 18:50:38 UTC  

I think I was some larpy monarchist in between racist social-libertarian and Natsoc

2018-01-31 18:50:44 UTC  

That only lasted for like 2 months

2018-01-31 18:50:53 UTC  

>American monarchist

2018-01-31 18:51:06 UTC  

Monarchism is fuckin gay

2018-01-31 18:51:17 UTC  

I was a monarchist because I was in the point of my life where I was rejecting materialism and the enlightenment

2018-01-31 18:51:34 UTC  

I started down this particular path because of the gun rights argument. Some places are safer with or without gun control, some places are more dangerous with or without gun control

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2018-01-31 18:52:04 UTC  

First I argued it was economics, but then figured out it was just race.

2018-01-31 18:52:05 UTC  

I want us to return to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle while advancing our level of technology

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2018-01-31 18:52:24 UTC  

Would be great

2018-01-31 18:52:25 UTC  

1488 death to farmers

2018-01-31 18:52:30 UTC  

I sit with Rape and Alba on this

2018-01-31 18:52:36 UTC  

Bread has caused us to devolve

2018-01-31 18:52:39 UTC  

I want to live in Cyberpunk 2033