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^THAT is just wrong. A menace with most likely a pre-1940 revolver that would blow up with today's ammo? Underwelming

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New flavor

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By ben and jerry

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Goin for the throat eh?

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They found out this one wasnt so popular, people kept letting it melt in the bread section.

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I saw that. And what's with the damn eyebrows again?

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Linda Sarsour among them

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So proud too

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Lil Pump is a child prodigy. At a mere three years of age, he was able to fully master the English language. When he turned five, he enrolled at Hamburger State University. There, he earned his bachelors degree in Lyrical Composition with a concentration in mumble rap. By six, he had mastered calculus and started writing PhD level academic papers. While he struggled a bit with integral calculus, he figured it out through dedication and hardwork over almost twenty-three minutes. In one of his papers, he addresses a mathematical application of music that transcends human logic, acting as the spark for his music career. But before he could start on his journey to musical stardom, he resolved to finish his PhD. By eight, his intellectual capacity had exceeded that of an average twenty-eight and a half year old. Realising his prodigious growth, Lil Pump thought he should spend some time in self reflection to get a better grasp on what he could expect of himself in future. So, he went to the Himalayas for 7 years to find himself. There, he interacted with thirty-five yetis and managed to convince the Hindu god, Shiva to add him on Snapchat. After returning, Lil Pump kept his accomplishments secret, so people won't make a big deal out of them. He's always been the modest type. Finally, he started his music career. Having attained the status of a superhuman entity, nothing he has recently said seems to be comprehensible. His recent hit, “Gucci Gang”, is a work of art that scholars at top institutions around the world have failed to decipher. Lines from that lyrical masterpiece such as: “Gucci Gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang” and “mah bih luh do cocaine” have felt academicians puzzled as to their true meaning, with seventeen Harvard professor having committed suicide after realising their relative inferiority as compared to the god-man himself.

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The Iberomaurusian is a backed bladelet lithic industry found near the coasts of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. It is also known from a single major site in Libya, the Haua Fteah, where the industry is locally known as the Eastern Oranian.[note 1] The Iberomaurusian seems to have appeared around the time of the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), somewhere between c. 25,000 and 22,500 cal BP. It would have lasted until the early Holocene c. 11,000 cal BP.[1]

The name of the Iberomaurusain means "of Iberia and Mauritania". Pallary (1909) coined this term[2] to describe assemblages from the site of La Mouillah in the belief that the industry extended over the strait of Gibraltar into the Iberian peninsula. This theory is now generally discounted (Garrod 1938),[3] but the name has stuck.

Pallary (1909) originally described the industry based on material found at the site of l'Abri Mouillah.[2]

In Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, but not in Morocco, the industry is succeeded by the Capsian industry, whose origins are unclear. The Capsian is believed either to have spread into North-Africa from the Near East,[4] or have descended from the Iberomaurusian.[5][6] In Morocco and Western Algeria, the Iberomaurusian is succeeded by the Cardial culture after a long hiatus

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Absolutely fucking gay