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2019-03-21 03:02:58 UTC  

It just switched too. It was a complete copy of his profile until tonight

2019-03-21 03:03:12 UTC  

I saw the others earlier so yeah

2019-03-21 03:03:20 UTC  

Wait I think that might be Medic himself

2019-03-21 03:04:14 UTC  

Quite a few popped up in that short time. A few of us think it was cover. So he could say
>omg someone pretended to be me, not my fault reeeee

2019-03-21 03:04:58 UTC  

And he hasn’t even taken 2 mins to address it and he’s not answering his phone. And there was infighting right before this. So there’s that.

2019-03-21 03:05:48 UTC  

Just be careful as you proceed. I’m taking worst case scenario here

2019-03-21 03:05:49 UTC  

Infighting with Medic or what?

2019-03-21 03:06:32 UTC  

I’m not entirely sure yet. Infighting was referenced in both DMs and a private telegram. How the impostor got in to that I don’t know

2019-03-21 03:07:57 UTC  

DMs have been falsified before, so i wouldn't put too much on that

2019-03-21 03:08:06 UTC  

Especially Twatter/Faceberg

2019-03-21 03:08:58 UTC  

At least until there's more verification

2019-03-21 03:09:01 UTC  

I should know more later. My stance right now is he tried to burn the Q team. He addressed his twitter activation immediately and is now silent on this. That suspicious. And they wouldn’t need to falsify DMs if folks jumped into a convo with him, not paying attention, and just started responding.

2019-03-21 03:09:20 UTC  

It’s the private telegram that bothers me more tbh.

2019-03-21 03:09:22 UTC  

Did he have a paytreon

2019-03-21 03:09:27 UTC  


2019-03-21 03:09:28 UTC  

Oh that was telegram?

2019-03-21 03:09:32 UTC  

oh of course he did

2019-03-21 03:09:43 UTC  


2019-03-21 03:09:46 UTC  

I know right? Fucking Patreon bullshit

2019-03-21 03:11:00 UTC  

Anyway, I’m scrambling to let people know so they don’t get taken off guard. I don’t want people surprised by this.

2019-03-21 03:11:32 UTC  

If anyone hears anything weird feel free to DM me. I’m still piecing stuff together right now.

2019-03-21 03:12:16 UTC  

Your'e alright benji. Thought you were shitting it up but you've got good points

2019-03-21 03:14:05 UTC  

I just want to hold this thing together and the last thing we need is some paytriot fucking it up intentionally bc he couldn’t get rich. I know I’m not around too much in the public groups. I try to be. There’s just always small fires to put out

2019-03-21 03:17:16 UTC  

Is he going full Ree? Is that the problem with Medic now?

2019-03-21 03:17:24 UTC  

Didn't read the article yet

2019-03-21 03:19:43 UTC  

No the problem is that he dodged any sort of question on it and took off in his Jeep and refused to address it. Anything related to him online is addressed immediately.

And one of the private messages is in question. Bc the fake account said something that only Medic would know. It’s why I think it might’ve been him and this was cover.

2019-03-21 03:25:17 UTC  

Seems like you are stirring shit no one here is interested in

2019-03-21 03:26:13 UTC  

didn't medic temp suspend his acc and see a few fake shill acc's pop up to harvest his following

2019-03-21 03:26:53 UTC  

Praying Medic can sort himself out on his You Tube channel. That has nothing to do with us.

2019-03-21 03:29:34 UTC  

E-Celebs, but yeah

2019-03-21 03:29:40 UTC  

He's just some schmuck that reposts shit

2019-03-21 03:32:44 UTC  

@Bellalu @Moooooooooooooo is you think he’s some e-celeb who has no connection then you guys haven’t been paying attention.

And Bellalu: do you not understand the importance of knowing a situation before you’re confronted with it?

2019-03-21 03:33:07 UTC  

He “sorts himself out” immediately in every other case.

2019-03-21 03:34:01 UTC  

You're absolutely right I don'tpay attention to this schmuck because I literally don't care about him

2019-03-21 03:34:02 UTC  

2019-03-21 03:35:34 UTC  

I am not confronted with it by anyone but you. If you hadn’t noticed, Q is posting prolifically and you are going on about a Twitter account

2019-03-21 03:36:35 UTC  

Yes @SirW00f that is my understanding of the situation as well

2019-03-21 03:38:07 UTC  

@Bellalu that’s bc you folks have the luxury of being shielded by this stuff. And it’s part of the reason we do this.

And why do you think the prolific posts are happening? Timing is convenient isn’t it?

2019-03-21 03:38:48 UTC  

@Moooooooooooooo continue to not pay attention to him. Please.

2019-03-21 03:39:25 UTC  

And for anyone that is unsure, Medic has had direct contact with folks (for some time) that deserve protection.

2019-03-21 03:46:34 UTC  

Anonymous group were all rounded up and comped after the 2011 Egyptian revolution, now run by intel agencies. You are part of that group now sharpiofag?
How about you fuckoff