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2018-02-03 21:35:37 UTC  

probably just because i've been watching max keiser forever

2018-02-03 21:35:39 UTC  

I dnt agree with everything Emily does BUT this was definately good for our side

2018-02-03 21:35:51 UTC  

I just like her voice and titties

2018-02-03 21:35:54 UTC  

because Gavin McCuck couldnt even advocate for White People

2018-02-03 21:36:11 UTC  

I cant believe ILLEGAL ARYAN screwed that up

2018-02-03 21:36:19 UTC  

he was in like Flynn she sang RAPE ME

2018-02-03 21:36:23 UTC  


2018-02-03 21:36:31 UTC  

how do you screw that up

2018-02-03 21:36:58 UTC  

Now Im old and disgusting, Emily would screw 10 niggers before me

2018-02-03 21:37:04 UTC  

BUT i digress

2018-02-03 21:37:16 UTC  

A handsome young Chad shouldve been able to tag that

2018-02-03 21:37:23 UTC  

I'm young and moderately not unattractive

2018-02-03 21:37:42 UTC  

Illegal Aryan said shes got a guy now WHICH IM HAPPY TO HEAR

2018-02-03 21:37:55 UTC  

she needs someone who will tame her insanity a bit, Emily has alot of energy

2018-02-03 21:38:02 UTC  

but she needs a good man who can harness it

2018-02-03 21:38:05 UTC  

Chain her up

2018-02-03 21:39:05 UTC  

I heard Emily was in Korea now

2018-02-03 21:39:23 UTC  

Which one?

2018-02-03 21:39:28 UTC  


2018-02-03 21:40:20 UTC  

You need to RANCH her

2018-02-03 21:40:24 UTC  


2018-02-03 21:40:37 UTC  

i think she's in murica

2018-02-03 21:40:40 UTC  

her and illegal just made that video

2018-02-03 21:41:02 UTC  

Yeah maybe that was just a temporary thing

2018-02-03 21:43:09 UTC  

I haven't had a drink all week.

2018-02-03 21:43:20 UTC  

What should i get later?

2018-02-03 21:43:33 UTC  

I haven’t drank in 2 weeks

2018-02-03 21:44:00 UTC  

Ever been so high that you start goose stepping around a rich huwhite neighborhood?

2018-02-03 21:44:05 UTC  

I’m going to have beer tomorrow and watch aryan warrior Tom Brady crush the niggers

2018-02-03 21:44:06 UTC  

Ranch and vodka

2018-02-03 21:44:14 UTC  


2018-02-03 21:44:34 UTC  

No, but I’ve been so drunk that I threw a glass full of scotch at a kike

2018-02-03 21:44:46 UTC  

You should try it some time

2018-02-03 21:45:06 UTC  

Need some kind of stimulant for it to work. I downed a couple energy drinks before

2018-02-03 21:53:28 UTC  

Snort some adderall

2018-02-03 21:54:06 UTC  

Weed and adderall is one of the best combos for coming up with brilliant and yet shitty ideas

2018-02-03 21:54:20 UTC  

Great for discussing politics

2018-02-03 21:54:40 UTC  


2018-02-03 21:54:46 UTC  

That’s me every day

2018-02-03 21:54:54 UTC  

I have a prescription