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2020-03-31 11:57:15 UTC  


2020-03-31 14:11:06 UTC  

Yo those mags are sick @FloridaManBoohajideen

2020-03-31 14:15:22 UTC  

That last one is Bloomberg for President approved

2020-03-31 14:15:43 UTC

2020-03-31 14:16:23 UTC  

#ALTMIKE for the win

2020-03-31 14:16:34 UTC  

the accelerationist in me wanted him to stay in

2020-03-31 14:16:47 UTC  

but I was sick of seeing those bullshit ads on youtube

2020-03-31 14:17:16 UTC  

I wanted to get #AltMike trending soooooo bad, but I think FB actually throttled it

2020-03-31 14:17:56 UTC  

Every post I made on R2L that I used that hashtag only had about 1/10th the reach of our other posts that day

2020-03-31 14:18:13 UTC  

Memes, news articles, basic text posts. All of them

2020-03-31 14:18:14 UTC  

that's unfortunate

2020-03-31 14:18:40 UTC  

we only recently learned how to use SEO in school and it's still mostly a mystery to me

2020-03-31 14:19:17 UTC  

though my faux ebike retailer using google ads was lookin pretty lit though

Mike is a pedo

2020-03-31 16:37:27 UTC  

They all are

2020-04-09 14:33:46 UTC

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2020-04-09 15:02:58 UTC  

Same. I'll read it at lunch

2020-04-14 12:31:53 UTC  

Yall hate on police and military so much but thats so close minded cause if we cn 'radicalize' them while they maintain their positions or even advance in their career feilds not only can they act as early warning for 'crippling' operations but they can also provide info for armory access and intel to cripple them

2020-04-14 12:32:56 UTC  

Dude all you need to get that shit from a Marine is some coke and a half decent stripper 😂😂

2020-04-14 12:34:20 UTC  

Yea if we want them to blow their cover but if we want a lasting 'mole' the more people who work for the 'enemy' the better

2020-04-14 12:35:51 UTC  

No, if we do this it shouldnt be any extended operations. It should be swift. Over in a week

2020-04-14 12:36:29 UTC  

If it drags out more than a few months we will be in trouble

2020-04-14 12:37:04 UTC  

Its not gonna be that way. If things were gonna happen, it'll be a few big skirmishes at the start, but we'll see things similar to the troubles in Ireland

2020-04-14 12:38:05 UTC  

Yeah thats what im afraid of

2020-04-14 12:38:18 UTC  

Also, if you're friending cops and the like keep it on the dl here

Some here are full ACAB, but *others* are more LE inclined

2020-04-14 12:38:35 UTC  

The idea is to seize the seat of power. Thats how it works.

2020-04-14 12:38:46 UTC  

How long was the civil and revolutionary war? also the skirmishes in ireland did nothing other then brand them terrorist, we need to learn what worked in history and follow that model

2020-04-14 12:40:09 UTC  

We HOPE that it'll be quick but we need to prepare for extended combat especially forign powers are gonna see this as a time of weakness and could take advantage of us

2020-04-14 12:40:58 UTC  

Yeah its hard to predict what's next. But ideally we would show up at the Capitol and make examples of tyrants

2020-04-14 12:41:04 UTC  

Well those lasted like 2-4 years

2020-04-14 12:41:33 UTC  

Yeah not extremely long. I dont want a decade long insurgency is what im saying.

2020-04-14 12:42:04 UTC  

Right, but even the continentals fought a guerilla war

2020-04-14 12:42:16 UTC  

Troubles 2.0 American Irish Jig

2020-04-14 12:42:49 UTC  

We have the technology to make it swift. Especially if the bootlickers are right and 90% mil/Leo join us

2020-04-14 12:42:59 UTC  

But i really dont see that happening

2020-04-14 12:43:45 UTC  

70% of mil would, maybe 25-35% LEO would

2020-04-14 12:44:44 UTC  

I can see 40% joining, but even still we want people in place so when the 4569 kicks off we will have people on the inside

2020-04-14 12:45:08 UTC  

We'd also need a lot more in number. Like maybe double the turnout in richmond, considering all the feds and the like on station and who would respond