Message from Kike of Kaifeng in Anticom #general

2017-04-13 20:11:06 UTC  

I would think theyd be okay with that given the birth rate thing

2017-04-13 20:11:06 UTC  

and makes it impossible for normal folk to buy a house

2017-04-13 20:11:18 UTC  

The chinks are buying land everywhere mate. It sucks

2017-04-13 20:11:25 UTC  

these are globalists of a different sort

2017-04-13 20:11:30 UTC  

Ask Straya and Canada

2017-04-13 20:11:34 UTC  

@GoGo China always has room for expansion considering is size and unused land and ghost cities.

2017-04-13 20:11:35 UTC  

but just as worthy to be deposed

2017-04-13 20:11:53 UTC  

the ghost cities are a difficult q

2017-04-13 20:11:56 UTC  

How long Til we're speaking cantonese?

2017-04-13 20:12:05 UTC  

China already has food security problems

2017-04-13 20:12:06 UTC  

@GoGo Never

2017-04-13 20:12:12 UTC  

hey, I already speak Cantonese

2017-04-13 20:12:16 UTC  

as my native language

2017-04-13 20:12:20 UTC  

English is my third language

2017-04-13 20:12:30 UTC  

You chinese?

2017-04-13 20:12:33 UTC  


2017-04-13 20:12:48 UTC  

Did you not see his profile picture

2017-04-13 20:12:58 UTC  

Would you be opposed to making Chinese flags on America to sell to the Chinese?

2017-04-13 20:13:03 UTC  

my grandfather left China in 1949 when the ChiComs tried to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse

2017-04-13 20:13:03 UTC  

@Kike of Kaifeng You need to meet this guy

2017-04-13 20:13:15 UTC  

no, I really don’t need to meet Hank Yoo, thank you very much

2017-04-13 20:13:25 UTC  

He is in this group, though.

2017-04-13 20:13:30 UTC  


2017-04-13 20:13:30 UTC  


2017-04-13 20:13:46 UTC  

*Nervous laughter*

2017-04-13 20:13:52 UTC  


2017-04-13 20:14:16 UTC  

Hank Yoo’s a meme, but I just don’t find him very interesting at all

2017-04-13 20:15:17 UTC  

He is a pretty cool guy.

2017-04-13 20:15:29 UTC  

‘Would you be opposed to making Chinese flags on America to sell to the Chinese?’
I would, and likewise the other direction

2017-04-13 20:15:55 UTC  

it’s not cool to LARP that hard as White

2017-04-13 20:16:17 UTC  

I mean, I joke about being Aryan because of my maybe 3% Tocharian blood

2017-04-13 20:16:29 UTC  

and my speaking Latin

2017-04-13 20:16:40 UTC  
2017-04-13 20:16:48 UTC  

but, make no mistake, I’m a Chinaman

2017-04-13 20:17:30 UTC  

and one day I hope my children can go to Central Asia as Chinese missionaries

2017-04-13 20:18:06 UTC  

because Christ is for all the peoples of the world

2017-04-13 20:18:08 UTC  

Important question

2017-04-13 20:18:16 UTC  

Did you peepee in my coke?

2017-04-13 20:18:23 UTC  

yeah, I did

2017-04-13 20:18:25 UTC  

fight me

2017-04-13 20:18:31 UTC  

I fuckin knew it