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2017-07-07 11:26:29 UTC  

none of those sound like the Ukrainian military or Azov's commanding officers ordering those things. And ethic russians and ukrainians always fight and always will fight each other.

2017-07-07 11:29:09 UTC  

also in recent years Azov commanders have had a hard crackdown on misconduct

2017-07-07 11:54:29 UTC  

@Salami I wish they'd crack down on the azov members who lynched a Novorossiyan Soldier and his Pregnant Wife.

2017-07-07 11:57:26 UTC
8values reworked their test

2017-07-07 12:15:00 UTC  

The speech Trump gave in Poland was fucking excellent, but I don't believe for a second that he wrote it himself. This was definitely Bannon's work.

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He had an excellent speech writer during his campaign

2017-07-07 13:13:32 UTC  

"While we will always welcome new citizens" > NOPE

2017-07-07 13:16:01 UTC  

its pretty decent and simple

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to the point

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but that one part, that one part of total cuckdom is unacceptable LOL

2017-07-07 15:43:24 UTC  

The people in the east of Ukraine are duginists

2017-07-07 15:43:32 UTC  

Dugin is the founder of the National Bolshevik party of Russia

2017-07-07 15:43:44 UTC  

He wants to retake the near abroad, neo soviet expansionism

2017-07-07 15:43:58 UTC  

I have no problem with the breaking down of the Kiev hegemony, but not under Russia

2017-07-07 15:44:01 UTC  

Dugin is a local meme

2017-07-07 15:44:14 UTC  

Dugin is a very real threat to western civilisation

2017-07-07 15:44:18 UTC  

w h a t

2017-07-07 15:44:35 UTC  

Oh so you don't actually know what Duginism is

2017-07-07 15:44:41 UTC  

Literally nobody knows about Dugin except philosophers and nazbols

2017-07-07 15:44:44 UTC  

I know

2017-07-07 15:44:52 UTC  

No, you don't

2017-07-07 15:44:53 UTC  

But how is it can be threat if nobody follows it

2017-07-07 15:45:01 UTC  

What the fuck are you talking about?

2017-07-07 15:45:04 UTC  

You clearly don't know

2017-07-07 15:45:07 UTC  

Putin is a Duginist

2017-07-07 15:45:13 UTC  

Novorossiyans are Duginist

2017-07-07 15:45:19 UTC  

SYRIZA is duginist

2017-07-07 15:45:37 UTC  

Hey, you took "Putin is a Duginist" meme too seriously

2017-07-07 15:45:37 UTC  

Dugin was Putin's top adviser for a long time

2017-07-07 15:45:43 UTC  

Hey, that's not an argument

2017-07-07 15:45:55 UTC  

Calling something a meme is also not an argument

2017-07-07 15:46:14 UTC  

Dugin is being published in English by the NPI as well

2017-07-07 15:46:29 UTC  

But it is! Dugin is irrelevant political figure, like all nazbols.

2017-07-07 15:46:40 UTC  

But he's not you fool

2017-07-07 15:47:01 UTC  

What proof do you have of his irrelevance?

2017-07-07 15:47:07 UTC  

This is the man who was in the Kremlin

2017-07-07 15:47:19 UTC  

I live in Russia and there is really nobody here knows about nazbols, and even fewer about Dugin
Maybe there is a NAZBOL CONSPIRACY

2017-07-07 15:47:22 UTC  

but i don't think so