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2018-02-10 07:09:07 UTC  

In some cases the bible even kind of predicts that

2018-02-10 07:09:08 UTC  

I'm a fedora but I like shilling for trad catholicism

2018-02-10 07:09:55 UTC  

Accept and try and fix it when and if they take the church back

2018-02-10 07:10:10 UTC  

So forever in the future,
Shall I battle as of yore,
Dying to be born a fighter,
But to don a bowl, once more

2018-02-10 07:10:21 UTC  

Honestly my religion is the bowl

2018-02-10 07:10:26 UTC  

Forgetting the biblical stuff about Satan and believing in actual deities, the values of satanism are better than the values of Christianity

2018-02-10 07:10:41 UTC  

Gas the kikes, drag the nigs, drown the fags

2018-02-10 07:10:41 UTC  

As postmodernism has shown us, you can basically interpret anything in infinite ways

2018-02-10 07:11:07 UTC  

If youre a good enough liar

2018-02-10 07:11:20 UTC  

Sure. They try and do it with everything. But not with as much success as christanity

2018-02-10 07:11:29 UTC  

the values of Christianity is that all of the Jews get wiped off of the earth and sent to hell in the end. Where does it say that in any other Religion?

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We have autism @Krieg

2018-02-10 07:11:57 UTC  

And national socialism

2018-02-10 07:12:03 UTC  

bullshit i read the Qur'an it doesn't say that

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Please be patient I have autism

2018-02-10 07:12:15 UTC  

We struggle with verbal communcation

2018-02-10 07:12:18 UTC  

The bible gives a lot of source material for these kikes and perverts to misinterpret

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2018-02-10 07:12:41 UTC  

I’ve read the Bible and it’s pretty gay

2018-02-10 07:12:45 UTC  

I don't since I lost my headset mic

2018-02-10 07:12:49 UTC  

Maybe a new verison of the bible is in order

2018-02-10 07:12:54 UTC  

Like how god tortures Job for no reason

2018-02-10 07:13:09 UTC  

Just cut out that old kike bit

2018-02-10 07:13:14 UTC  

Rewrite that all together

2018-02-10 07:13:17 UTC  

He tortures Job for being a kike

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2018-02-10 07:13:37 UTC  

because it isn't written to be taken literally, it is parables, allegories, metaphors something that all autistes have a problem comprehending

2018-02-10 07:13:38 UTC  

But if you rewrite the Bible, how will it be the word of god? 🤔

2018-02-10 07:14:05 UTC  

Who cares thats not the point

2018-02-10 07:14:19 UTC  

What matters is our viewpoint is being promoted

2018-02-10 07:14:24 UTC  

Even spirtually