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2018-02-10 07:26:04 UTC  

Only like 2 percent of the colony population faught in the revolution against humanity

2018-02-10 07:26:06 UTC  

don't forget sportsball

2018-02-10 07:26:13 UTC  

Even just a bit of a recession

2018-02-10 07:26:19 UTC  

Shit will start to pop off

2018-02-10 07:26:23 UTC  

Once people's electricity starts going out for a few hours at a time

2018-02-10 07:26:24 UTC  

Sooner than your realize

2018-02-10 07:26:27 UTC  


2018-02-10 07:26:35 UTC  

something wose than the great depression would be better

2018-02-10 07:26:56 UTC  

not mad max though

2018-02-10 07:27:00 UTC  

not necessary

2018-02-10 07:27:09 UTC  

I get the siege mindset but it is just a little to hyper autistically focused on one line of thinking

2018-02-10 07:27:13 UTC  

You need to be pragmatic

2018-02-10 07:27:16 UTC  

It is

2018-02-10 07:27:24 UTC  

Hyper inflation is coming

2018-02-10 07:27:38 UTC  

The bowlcut mindset

2018-02-10 07:27:44 UTC  

And theres not going to be a collapse, the system is too stable

2018-02-10 07:27:49 UTC  

The Asian Countries are trying to form a union

2018-02-10 07:27:52 UTC  

the u.s currency downfall is coming gents. In March the Petro Yuan begins trading

2018-02-10 07:27:52 UTC  

But there will be a recession

2018-02-10 07:28:12 UTC  

What asian countries?

2018-02-10 07:28:22 UTC  

Russia , China , India , all the Stans in Central

2018-02-10 07:28:39 UTC  

China and India hate each other

2018-02-10 07:28:43 UTC  

And break away from the dollar

2018-02-10 07:28:54 UTC  

The stans are obviously pro-russia

2018-02-10 07:28:55 UTC  

China, Russia Venezuela, Iran, and they are trying to get Saudi Arabia on board

2018-02-10 07:29:06 UTC  


2018-02-10 07:29:13 UTC  

Saudis are never getting along with Iran

2018-02-10 07:29:20 UTC  

all of the major producers and consumers of oil with the exception of the U.S.

2018-02-10 07:29:30 UTC  

they don't need to

2018-02-10 07:29:31 UTC  

They hate American Hegemonic Imperialism telling their daughters to fuck nigger bucks more

2018-02-10 07:29:47 UTC  

get along with Iran this isn't an economic agreement

2018-02-10 07:30:05 UTC  

just substitution of the U.s dollar for all oil purchases

2018-02-10 07:30:08 UTC  

Once that happens Katie bar the door

2018-02-10 07:30:27 UTC  

Russia is now the world's largest producer and China is the largest consumer

2018-02-10 07:31:03 UTC  

China is going to build 30 million new cars this year alone that is more than the U.s. ,Japan, and Germany combined

2018-02-10 07:31:17 UTC  

and then it will increase

2018-02-10 07:31:20 UTC  

Its not about them liking eachother its about wrestling control away from the US petro dollar

2018-02-10 07:31:20 UTC  

Finland is the best asian country

2018-02-10 07:31:57 UTC  

If that happens our Currencies value will plumit bigly

2018-02-10 07:32:05 UTC  

.... BIGLY

2018-02-10 07:32:41 UTC  

after that they want to go after the "Bretton Woods" agreement and substitute the Yuan for all major international financial transactions