Message from MIKE in The Donald #general

2020-01-18 01:09:36 UTC  

is this the largest political server in discord?

2020-01-18 01:09:37 UTC  

Fucking trains <:trolldisappointed:585592830903451711>

2020-01-18 01:09:38 UTC  


2020-01-18 01:09:41 UTC  

Jk theyre cool too

2020-01-18 01:09:51 UTC  

@Deleted User Probably not, but it's one of them for sure.

2020-01-18 01:10:05 UTC  

totally impressed glad i was finally verified

2020-01-18 01:10:11 UTC  

@MIKE joined at near same time

2020-01-18 01:10:19 UTC  

they opened the flood gates then?

2020-01-18 01:10:31 UTC  

k i guess i have to wait its fine

2020-01-18 01:10:31 UTC  

@Crusader Joe I have ascended

2020-01-18 01:10:32 UTC  

/pol/ had a pretty huge server.

2020-01-18 01:10:39 UTC  

@WeWillNeverYield Ascended faggot.

2020-01-18 01:10:40 UTC  

no mike we in man

2020-01-18 01:10:47 UTC  

they brought us in

2020-01-18 01:10:52 UTC  

we are oh i got no roles

2020-01-18 01:10:53 UTC  

finally trump supporters that are smart

2020-01-18 01:10:57 UTC  

You're not vetted yet.

2020-01-18 01:11:01 UTC  

yup woohoo

2020-01-18 01:11:04 UTC  

how do we get roles?

2020-01-18 01:11:05 UTC  

@MIKE you can expedite by dm'ing your trump merch w/ username to @Lex

2020-01-18 01:11:09 UTC  

we not vetted yet

2020-01-18 01:11:33 UTC  

@MIKE @Deleted User The mods knew the wait was a long so they opened up channels for non-vetted users. You can get roles when you're vetted, but things are moving and shaking right now - our mods are super busy.

2020-01-18 01:11:43 UTC  

@Lextreme thank you

2020-01-18 01:11:46 UTC  


2020-01-18 01:11:48 UTC  

So just make do with these open channels for now, and in time, you'll be vetted and can get specific roles.

2020-01-18 01:11:49 UTC  

i sent a dm to lex to be vetted @Crusader Joe just fyi

2020-01-18 01:11:52 UTC  

@Lextreme thank u

2020-01-18 01:12:07 UTC  

i mean i might go to rally in wildwood for trump

2020-01-18 01:13:25 UTC  

so uh

2020-01-18 01:13:29 UTC  

lmao ^ dis guy

2020-01-18 01:13:36 UTC  

lex hot dog man

2020-01-18 01:13:37 UTC  

Lex is not around at the moment and i am working... But if you guys send me a pm of your trump merch with your username id be happy to vet for the next 5 minutes

2020-01-18 01:13:38 UTC  

How are you guys

2020-01-18 01:13:44 UTC  

Starting NOW

2020-01-18 01:14:13 UTC  

I’m here iVag

2020-01-18 01:14:28 UTC  

Oh i thought you were cleaning lol

2020-01-18 01:14:29 UTC  

Go ahead and DM me your Trump gear

2020-01-18 01:14:38 UTC  

"Trump gear"