Message from Septurd in The Donald #general

2020-02-20 00:07:29 UTC  
2020-02-20 00:07:32 UTC  

Ill just fork over my history

2020-02-20 00:07:50 UTC  


2020-02-20 00:08:05 UTC  

@Syntage How do you get vetted again?

2020-02-20 00:08:29 UTC  

Somebody checks your history and let's you in

2020-02-20 00:08:49 UTC  

I'm in mobile so can't really help atm if you got someone

2020-02-20 00:09:22 UTC  


2020-02-20 00:09:26 UTC  

I just sent it to Sharks

2020-02-20 00:09:26 UTC  


2020-02-20 00:09:32 UTC  


2020-02-20 00:17:11 UTC  

Gotta keep shills out. Shills enjoy my spam in this channel


2020-02-20 00:18:17 UTC  

Oi you being homophobic. You under arrest @Chappy McSlappy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

2020-02-20 00:19:04 UTC  

I have the 'f' word pass

@Septurd lmao you got deleted

2020-02-20 00:20:04 UTC  

i deleted that myself since i realized he wasn't a mod

2020-02-20 00:20:23 UTC  

<#679457877358018561> is a lawless place. Even I don't go there

2020-02-20 00:20:36 UTC  


@here Everyone "Deus Vult" in the live chat

2020-02-20 00:22:14 UTC  

god i wish i could go to a trump rally irl

@Septurd It's almost impossible to get in unless you take two days off of work

2020-02-20 00:23:09 UTC  

but then i might get caught on a camera and half of the people who knows me will reeeeee

2020-02-20 00:23:42 UTC  

and then i might end up on some commie dox list

2020-02-20 00:24:03 UTC  

Looking at that cop picture again. That's from my city <:TrumpDisgust:624681485525319681>

2020-02-20 00:24:37 UTC  

Why is Manchester so retarded at times

2020-02-20 00:24:39 UTC  


2020-02-20 00:24:40 UTC  

lmao was <#679457877358018561> recently created? @Pytokonda 🐏

2020-02-20 00:24:46 UTC  

there's barely any messages there

2020-02-20 00:25:02 UTC  

No. Opened when this one was open

2020-02-20 00:25:13 UTC  


2020-02-20 00:25:21 UTC  

Just most unvetted talk here

2020-02-20 00:26:07 UTC  

ah well. i'm fine with the server not banning edgy shit

2020-02-20 00:26:50 UTC  

after all, it's fucking discord.

2020-02-20 00:27:10 UTC  

Open chat is different to vetted chat

2020-02-20 00:27:46 UTC  

i don't think anyone would care if another CNN article came out blaming this server for starting the second holocaust because of some holocaust memes posted here

2020-02-20 00:28:03 UTC  

so eh

2020-02-20 00:28:09 UTC  

discord would care

2020-02-20 00:28:14 UTC  

and they would shut this server down

2020-02-20 00:28:40 UTC  

Will happen tbh. CNN will CNN

2020-02-20 00:28:49 UTC