Message from Adolf Niggler in Ethnoserver #welcome

2017-08-14 19:58:42 UTC  

I fucking hate Skypes

2017-08-14 19:58:54 UTC  

BigKK wants to move to a different platform than Discord

2017-08-14 19:58:57 UTC  

no matter what happens, be your best possible self and stand for your people

2017-08-14 19:59:05 UTC  

BigKK (Alt-Right Discord Admin) responded to Discord, saying that free speech is dead and we should move to a different platform

2017-08-14 19:59:07 UTC  

we will find each other

2017-08-14 19:59:15 UTC  

They're beginning to marginalize us the way blacks were done before the civil rights movement.

2017-08-14 19:59:22 UTC  

what did we do before we had the internet?

2017-08-14 19:59:26 UTC  

Look how that worked out

2017-08-14 19:59:34 UTC  

Before we had internet, we joined the NSDAP

2017-08-14 19:59:36 UTC  

@Kay Rander we hit the streets

2017-08-14 19:59:37 UTC  

Will it tho? The zucc has been out there for years and their downfall is nowhere to be seen

2017-08-14 19:59:39 UTC  

yeah, exactly, we won't be silenced

2017-08-14 19:59:49 UTC  

we will find each other, we will make this happen

2017-08-14 20:00:02 UTC  

But for once lusten

2017-08-14 20:00:03 UTC  

we know ourselves, we recognize each other, we know our people, we know what we want

2017-08-14 20:00:07 UTC  

Driving something underground doesn't kill it. It just raises more curiosity for a movements cause.

2017-08-14 20:00:16 UTC  

I know I'm overly cautious

2017-08-14 20:00:24 UTC  

Exactly, things that are taboo create curiousity

2017-08-14 20:00:27 UTC  

But we need to be careful

2017-08-14 20:00:48 UTC

2017-08-14 20:00:49 UTC  

Won't they just shut down this one too?

2017-08-14 20:01:11 UTC  

oh how terrible... Poor girl

2017-08-14 20:01:11 UTC  

That was a car of peace

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2017-08-14 20:01:18 UTC  

@Adolf Niggler eventually

2017-08-14 20:01:20 UTC  

Hillary's condemnation of the alt-right was the best thing g to ever happen to it.

2017-08-14 20:01:23 UTC  

Its different from a white hate car

2017-08-14 20:01:33 UTC  

Listen up

2017-08-14 20:01:39 UTC  

Let the Muslims in

2017-08-14 20:01:48 UTC  

I like how ARIAN is now Friends united with a different logo

2017-08-14 20:01:55 UTC  

Rebel Media disavows the AltRight

2017-08-14 20:02:02 UTC  

Gib me that link pls

2017-08-14 20:02:18 UTC  

Nothing will ever change as long as quality of life stays the same

2017-08-14 20:33:31 UTC  

@everyone you should be able to chat in this channel again.

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was I pinged

2017-08-14 20:33:55 UTC  

Richard Spencer ^