Message from @Master Sethern

Discord ID: 349515075620569089

2017-08-22 01:53:33 UTC  

We'll mark you pending in the meantime.

2017-08-22 02:36:25 UTC  

@Komissar I'll most likely be able to do the vetting tonight.

2017-08-22 02:36:50 UTC  

at 11 or 12 eastern time

2017-08-22 02:38:09 UTC  

We will have someone ready to vet you at that time @Tiwaz

2017-08-22 02:39:23 UTC  
2017-08-22 02:39:47 UTC  

No problem

2017-08-22 02:50:21 UTC  

@Fashy Man About Town I'm actually avaible now if someone is ready

2017-08-22 02:51:29 UTC  

Let me see if I can grab a couple of mods

2017-08-22 02:56:49 UTC  

@Tiwaz get in vetting 1 mate

2017-08-22 07:58:22 UTC  

Anyone looking to get vetted in here?

2017-08-22 10:52:56 UTC  

@TexasVet Hey, I have a picture from when I was vetting for European People's United. Would you accept that? because, I'm about to take a picture of what is in the rules. But, just wondering if I could use the other one instead.

2017-08-22 11:04:56 UTC  

a new picture is preferable

2017-08-22 11:06:02 UTC  


2017-08-22 11:21:36 UTC

2017-08-22 11:22:10 UTC  


2017-08-22 11:22:11 UTC  

The moderator team has been notified you are ready for vetting. - Hail Victory!

2017-08-22 11:24:11 UTC  

One second relogging to fix my mic.

2017-08-22 11:26:23 UTC  

@Master Sethern as soon as we get enough staff online to vet you we'll notify you

2017-08-22 11:27:30 UTC  

Alright, phew -- Just admitting now, I get friggin' nervous and I ramble.

2017-08-22 11:27:53 UTC  

You might have to wait a little bit

2017-08-22 11:28:07 UTC  

No worries, as long as I'm good to go, then will wait however long.

2017-08-22 11:28:35 UTC  

If no one steps up, I'll vet you in like 30-40 minites if thats alright with you

2017-08-22 11:29:07 UTC  

Hey no worries, just ping me when you're ready. As I said though, just letting you know now. I get nervous and ramble, I do that in job interviews too. It sucks : /

2017-08-22 11:30:08 UTC  

Thats alright

2017-08-22 12:22:39 UTC  

One second

2017-08-22 12:22:42 UTC  

It says I need push to talk.

2017-08-22 12:23:19 UTC  

Yes, I have the program installed.

2017-08-22 12:23:24 UTC  

Looking for the option at the moment.

2017-08-22 12:23:26 UTC  
2017-08-22 12:23:35 UTC  


2017-08-22 12:23:41 UTC  

Sorry about that, I had no clue.

2017-08-22 12:24:08 UTC  


2017-08-22 12:24:50 UTC  

Alright, I have push to talk set up including the key, can you hear me?

2017-08-22 12:25:11 UTC  

Fuck, ugh -- Hang on trying to figure this out.

2017-08-22 12:27:12 UTC  

Ugh, this fucking shit lol. Sorry man, this is an OOOOLD laptop, I may have to do this later when I can figure this bullcrap out.

2017-08-22 12:27:27 UTC  

I have a headset.

2017-08-22 12:27:27 UTC  


2017-08-22 12:27:32 UTC  

I can't get it to come through the mic.

2017-08-22 12:28:05 UTC  


2017-08-22 12:28:05 UTC  

can you hear me?

2017-08-22 12:28:06 UTC