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I need to get more serious and stop larping around as a fucking apocasurvivor

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So where is the new hwndu shit at?

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So the holocaust didn't happen?

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I've researched a lot the past year about it and I can't make my mind up

2017-04-13 07:35:33 UTC  

There is so much evidence that suggests that the holocaust didn't happen

2017-04-13 07:35:49 UTC  

But why do so many jews talk about it like it did happen?

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Debating with this commie rn. idk why

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Meant to post link. Too lazy

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The Holocaust™ is a myth

2017-04-13 10:18:47 UTC  

By which I do not mean nothing happened

2017-04-13 10:19:34 UTC  

But giving it the status of *the* Holocaust

2017-04-13 10:21:15 UTC  

When there have been multiple genocides in history, some vastly more successful than the 1940s one seems to have been

2017-04-13 10:22:00 UTC  

When the Hebrews themselves have suffered much greater shoahs

2017-04-13 10:22:16 UTC  

At the hands of the living God

2017-04-13 10:22:23 UTC  

I'd rather that they didn't mass murder people, but it's not our problem if it's not our citizens

2017-04-13 10:22:59 UTC  

And then to make this ideologically the basis of a bunch of stuff politically

2017-04-13 10:23:49 UTC  

Such that people even speak of a post-Hitler and post-Holocaust West

2017-04-13 10:24:24 UTC  

This is the making of a political myth, regardless of what happened

2017-04-13 10:24:32 UTC  

It has mythic status

2017-04-13 10:30:37 UTC  

It also created the Hitler-Satan idea in the modern west. Hitler took upon the mantle of the opposer, and all negative ideas were equated with him.
Which really disrupted our ability to hold reasoned political discourse

2017-04-13 12:01:32 UTC  

But it also means that when society becomes intolerable hitler becomes a symbol of opposition and rebellion.
Which is strange. There's nothing weirder than when you oppose authoritarian systems with the embodiment of cultural authoritarianism.

2017-04-13 12:18:09 UTC  

What's funny is that outside of America and Europe Hitler is seen in a positive light

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Hi how ya fags

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They like his nationalism and law and order sensibilities

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Is there any new info on best korea

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It's not a smoldering crater yet

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I see