Message from Gasser in NSL #fitness-and-nutrition

2018-07-09 07:24:41 UTC  

Fitness and nutrition needs to be separate

2018-07-09 18:08:57 UTC  

It is

2018-07-09 18:24:11 UTC  

I’ve always wanted to practice land navigation and find out how to land navigate.

2018-07-09 23:28:11 UTC  

@texan man can you read a map?

2018-07-10 01:59:46 UTC  

I can but I want to learn to use the compass and protractor to navigate and find points

2018-07-10 02:41:46 UTC  

Boom, there you go. That program will help

2018-07-10 02:41:50 UTC  


2018-07-10 02:42:00 UTC  

Also I'm gonna start building my own jon boat

2018-07-10 02:42:02 UTC  

so wish me luck

2018-07-10 02:58:39 UTC  

Working out legs is good for keeping testosterone high

2018-07-10 02:58:55 UTC  

Never skip leg day

2018-07-10 03:12:24 UTC  

No I mean fitness and nutrition should be their own channel called "fitness and nutrition"

2018-07-10 03:17:10 UTC  

Yeah it would make more sense that way

2018-07-10 12:00:27 UTC  

Thought this was the most fitting channel to put it in.

2018-07-11 07:02:01 UTC

2018-07-11 07:02:30 UTC  

If there is no pain there is no gain. Every day at the gym should be painful

2018-07-11 11:58:50 UTC  


2018-07-11 14:11:40 UTC  

@texan man your forearms are tiny compared to your biceps. Forearms need training too.

2018-07-11 14:19:08 UTC  

I have this problem too

2018-07-11 14:19:19 UTC  

What do you do for forearms?

2018-07-11 14:44:06 UTC  

Can't hurt to do push-ups

2018-07-11 14:54:57 UTC  

Curling, overhead rope tug, farmers lugging

2018-07-11 14:55:05 UTC  

Great for your forearms

2018-07-11 14:59:29 UTC  

Farmer walk is comfy af

2018-07-11 17:14:37 UTC  

@Gasser you know how you do the normal underhand(?) grip when curling the barbell? Instead hold the barbell where your palms are facing down.

2018-07-11 17:14:52 UTC  

Then curl like that

2018-07-11 17:15:39 UTC  

There's also hammer curls with dumbbells(?)

2018-07-11 17:17:24 UTC  

I’ll give that a try

2018-07-11 17:17:39 UTC  

I hear preacher curls are good for it too

2018-07-11 17:18:10 UTC  

The who what, what are those?

2018-07-11 17:20:45 UTC  

Put your upper arms on an angled curl bench

2018-07-11 17:20:54 UTC  

And curls barbell or dumbells

2018-07-11 21:20:28 UTC  

Oh ok they have one of those stations at the gym

2018-07-11 22:19:35 UTC  

I got a grip trainer that seems to help

2018-07-11 22:44:35 UTC  

Still looking to get a grip strengthener

2018-07-12 03:33:20 UTC  

Just finished lifting , getting ready to up my bench 10 more pounds next week to 275 hopefully. I'm trying to get 10easy reps of 265 this week before I move on.

2018-07-12 21:19:10 UTC  

> Going to go run my 7 miles

2018-07-12 22:13:08 UTC

2018-07-12 22:13:40 UTC  

Everyday I work out hard and get bigger and bigger. We need to work out hard for maximum optics.