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U muted me

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1.2. Consent to a vehicle search
Even if the police or other law enforcement don't have a warrant to search your vehicle—they may still search it legally, and use anything they find as evidence against you, if you consent to the search.18

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1.3. “Probable cause” to search a car in California (the “vehicle exception”)
Cars, trucks, and other vehicles are special in that (unlike houses, computer hard drives, etc.) they may be searched without either a warrant or consent—as long as the officer has “probable cause” to believe there is evidence of a crime in the vehicle.21

This is known as the “vehicle exception” to the general rule that searches require a warrant.

There are two reasons why vehicles are treated differently in this regard:

First, because they can be moved so quickly—and so by the time an officer obtains a warrant to search a car, the person who owns the car may already have had a chance to move it out of the jurisdiction.
Second, because they are heavily regulated through the vehicle licensing process—and so there is a reduced expectation of privacy in a car compared to, say, a home.22
But what does “probable cause” mean? Put simply, it means that police may legally search a car if they know of facts that would justify the issuance of a warrant to search the car.23

“Probable cause” for purposes of searching a vehicle can consist of:

Reliable information (such as that obtained from eyewitnesses, undercover informants, etc.) that the vehicle contains evidence or contraband;
Facts or circumstances personally observed by an officer at the time s/he observes the vehicle (for example, when the officer catches sight of a weapon or drugs in plain view inside the car); or
Suspicious actions by the driver or passengers of the car—such as evading the officer, or “furtive gestures” indicating that they are trying to hide something.24

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Scope of a California vehicle search under the "vehicle exception"

If law enforcement has probable cause to search your car, truck, or other vehicle, they are allowed to search the entire vehicle—including:

The glove compartment,
The trunk, and
Any closed containers inside the car (such as bags, boxes, or suitcases).28

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This is a video to watch and understand

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Fox picked up

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I asked what happened to our website

*he hangs up*

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Seems he's not gonna say anything about that.

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I think all that stuff about cannabis lowering IQ is fake news/fake studies

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@gambler joe can you repost that video

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I accidentally purged it

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I want this

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@gambler joe I will get a screenshot of an ADL Chapter Building in my area.

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How did you get that pic?

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google maps

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Ah. I have that too.

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I will get Satellite Image.

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use fire fox

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Yea. Fair point. I am recruiting a guy I know.

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See if he knows someone who is selling a laptop.

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And I found a 24/7 Print Shop in my area.