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That Boer Testimony thing is probs popping off

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yeah it's rather productive there actually

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@Meerkat_RSA that is fucking hilarious

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@Sheamus The channel is not dying, people on here just have jobs so can't be as active as a student discord πŸ˜„

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@Rendier careful he might hit

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Only in South Africa

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I will find the lost city of orania one day

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hah Julia Eccles, the "mediocre graphic designer":

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Must i troll miss universe?

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There was a dank meme about her before she was miss south Africa. She was called a ass kisser by a meme page of our school after she visited us. And then she complain and the school purged the admins of the page and had like a investigation on how the inner circle where. So i am going to repost the meme and tag her.

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she made a similar one about a white male tennis player and no one cared

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Fuck i shared the cartoon on my class group before i even seen the article

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@Rendier can't chat, busy with work but I'll listen to the kak praat. Btw, where do you get your cbd?

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@Rendier What do you think of Phumiziles behaviour on twitter. Shouldnt the DA stop her?

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hi all I am listening πŸ˜ƒ

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@Rendier yeah I guess working is as good a reason than one could hope for.

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That's totally @WuldGoGayForLauren's meme

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and now we know how old @WuldGoGayForLauren is

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@everyone Please join @Willem Petzer Facebook group and add members

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I wonder how the group will stay online?

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Well I'm on board with we can easily get armed and defend ourselves, this needs to become a priority.

But i sense this might be an issue considering "The Black Gun Owners Association of South Africa is challenging the loss of revenue and employment, and is seeking compensation for the loss of income. Furthermore, it is challenging the political motivations of the act as Abios Khoele, chairperson of the Black Gun Owners Association,[8]Β told a press briefing in Johannesburg: "This government is hell-bent on disarming black people because they've made so many service delivery promises to them which they have not fulfilled. They are scared that if blacks are armed they will turn on the government."[9][10]"

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i feel like they're just disarming law abiding citizens to make their tyranny easier for themselves

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That's the whole point of the 2nd amendment in the US, and guess what? The far left there is also pushing for gun control, I wonder why, kappa

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I think it's obvias lol though i think they would literally go to war before giving it up, they don't seem to like the left very much, nor their politicians, and clearly wouldn't mind putting them down if need be. At least they have that constitution to defend. We need something like this too honestly, with basic regulations, but no long waiting periods. 6 months is ridiculous, and it can take even longer at times.

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@Rendier Great video!!!

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@afm No u dont xd

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I hope this fucker dont hit me on Friday