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2018-07-20 16:42:52 UTC  


2018-07-20 16:43:39 UTC  

Gab is shit

2018-07-20 16:43:51 UTC  

That site sucks, I'm outta there

2018-07-20 16:43:56 UTC  


2018-07-20 16:44:18 UTC  

I'm encrypting my shit atm so

2018-07-20 16:44:32 UTC  

Going to take 12 hours to do so

2018-07-20 16:45:14 UTC  

And bought myself a vpn

2018-07-20 16:50:38 UTC  

Might as well get a new computer

2018-07-20 16:51:26 UTC  

and bury the other one in a plastic bag

2018-07-20 17:13:13 UTC  

My Comp is still fresh. Just need consistent Wifi.

2018-07-20 17:13:16 UTC  


2018-07-20 17:13:36 UTC  

It is off thankfully and I have Proton VPN.

2018-07-20 17:13:52 UTC  

Which works in conjuction w/ Protonmail.

2018-07-20 17:13:59 UTC  

Man I'm so glad I was able to take a shit and didn't have to worry about constipation.

2018-07-20 17:14:15 UTC  

I got bored and made a wallpaper

2018-07-20 17:14:27 UTC  


2018-07-20 17:14:30 UTC  

why is it so small

2018-07-20 17:14:31 UTC  


2018-07-20 17:14:37 UTC  


2018-07-20 17:14:52 UTC  

lol its not small for me

2018-07-20 17:15:06 UTC  

i have the full image

2018-07-20 17:15:17 UTC  

Reich, it's massive when you view the original size

2018-07-20 17:15:28 UTC  

oh reee

2018-07-20 17:15:30 UTC  


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2018-07-20 17:16:04 UTC  

Know what I hate more than niggers

2018-07-20 17:16:05 UTC  


2018-07-20 17:16:09 UTC  

Their shitty music.

2018-07-20 17:16:33 UTC  

Niggers have the worst culture on the planet, every element of what it means to be a nigger is stupid, I don't know why whites wanna emulate it.

2018-07-20 17:16:49 UTC  

I don't even know why blacks wanna emulate it

2018-07-20 17:17:30 UTC  

I live with whiggers, every song I hear them play has some lazy ass sounding nigger with stupid boring ass lyrics over a boring ass generic stock beat.

2018-07-20 17:18:03 UTC  

You want the biggest reason why, despite living in White Culture for hundreds of years, the African Americans have never evolved into anything great on any massive level?
Rap Music.

2018-07-20 17:18:11 UTC  

I as a nigger hating rap hating white guy have produced far superior rap beats.

2018-07-20 17:18:37 UTC  

I shouldn't have been able to do that.

2018-07-20 17:18:45 UTC  

>have culture celebrating violent crime and drug use
>wonder why blacks commit so much violent crime and drug use

2018-07-20 17:18:48 UTC  

A nigger hears my beats and they fall in love with them

2018-07-20 17:19:05 UTC  

thats not saying much

2018-07-20 17:19:05 UTC  


2018-07-20 17:19:16 UTC  

I expect niggers to be good at their own shit

2018-07-20 17:19:36 UTC  

Niggers really are like basically retarded people

2018-07-20 17:19:40 UTC  

I could fart in a can and they would love it