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Like a raid or something

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I didn’t see that past conversation

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I see. I understand that

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I’m not in the army btw

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If you take a daily prescription you can’t either

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I know that I just mentioned it lel

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If tranny’s wanna die for Israel, I ain’t stopping them

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Yeah man I apologize for my dumb shit

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Dindu noffen

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That’s based as fuck

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I’ve noticed that shit was going down after hitler disappeared (after WW2)

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To “love and tolerate”

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As long as there is a modern incarnation of the "United States" we can never reclaim our land from sea to shining sea. Not now. However we can fight for our piece of it and hold that. This was indeed something that took a hit when they pacified the ranks through the appointment of Trump. Yet we are rebuilding. As you watch that video, you will find that you are a part of a MUCH LARGER PICTURE and it should EXCITE YOU these little groups of silly sallies putting up flyers and nonsense pointless, but there is a bigger mission, a better course, a proper cause ahead of you, white man this means that no more are you going to consider these petty little groups, but that your skin is your uniform and your mission will finally fall under command with a mission to restore a white homeland where you can raise your children to be clever, industrious, intelligent, good, and decent! how do you think I became who I am? It was not by accident, understand?

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well, the culture is there but it is old and tired. The youth is untested and unsure.
Now, what you will find is that if you restore a white ethnostate the culture will recover miraculously
this is why the jew fights day and night to keep this from happening
now, here, here is something you all should listen to and absorb.

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Found audiobook of the brigade

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@AllFather @johnolithicsoftware the goblino wasnt with them, those discord messages were faked and meme'd

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It was an attempt to see how gullible the media was

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I know all about that.

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I knew one of the guys who set that up

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What do you think one could say to those who call us cowards?

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No man I really don’t care.

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Damn right broski

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The government is not destined to keep anyone safe

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We should have prop that talks about this when we can put prop again

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Yes, fully agree

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Prop targeting those who want to enlist