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And if landlord still wont maintain property, you can hire an outside party to do maintenance for you and you can actually deduct the cost of the maintenance from your next rent bill

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I’ll see what I can do

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Thank you alot

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They are required by law

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I lived half my life in a renting property and we stumbled upon lazy land owners, and ones that were just shit heads, and we threatened them with court for not repairing things and they actually started to repair, until someone else sued them for the entire building complex and the bank took it away from the landlord which was funny as shit

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Again thank you

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You can move to another Section 8 house if the landlord is a ass

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Got one more thing to figure out before I can begin to assemble a VC on Fashbook.

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i just had this bot pop up with this discord im not clicking that shit

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oh fuck

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i know that server

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i thought it was perma dead

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very active

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its essentialy pol

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but u know

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There’s a killdozer mod for GTA 5

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I was up since 5 this morning and just got done working out and I feel like shit.

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^^^^^The link is legit, the video has share features disabled

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Patriot front attacks occupy ICE and antifa

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This was in Texas hahaha

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Not bad