Message from The GUNNY in NSL #general

2018-08-20 23:22:53 UTC  

Communists must have severe autism

2018-08-20 23:23:02 UTC  

mine and this one

2018-08-20 23:23:04 UTC  

Ah, cause I see you got two of your names in your server

2018-08-20 23:23:17 UTC  

Task Force Odin is our back-up server

2018-08-20 23:23:24 UTC  

Just made that

2018-08-20 23:23:29 UTC  

always prepared

2018-08-20 23:23:32 UTC  

Right on.

2018-08-20 23:23:34 UTC  

In the YT comments, there was a commie that legit believed in gay space communism

2018-08-20 23:23:39 UTC  

when they fuck a dude who is the server owner

2018-08-20 23:24:09 UTC  

they fuck the server by locking out his privileges, so naming an ALT keeps it open

2018-08-20 23:24:21 UTC  

Smart move.

2018-08-20 23:24:40 UTC  

I'm leaving most of my servers

2018-08-20 23:24:59 UTC  

I'm only in NSL servers now

2018-08-20 23:25:05 UTC  

have been for 2 weeks

2018-08-20 23:25:08 UTC  

anyone who wants into Werewolf Ops let me know

2018-08-20 23:25:21 UTC  

used to be a rather large server

2018-08-20 23:25:31 UTC  

I'm down to join Werewolf Ops

2018-08-20 23:25:32 UTC  

but I have weeded it out and it has gone pretty quiet

2018-08-20 23:25:39 UTC  

PoG dudes are alright, but the servers are a waste of time

2018-08-20 23:25:39 UTC  

I’m down

2018-08-20 23:25:56 UTC  

I want to keep it open because of the information already there

2018-08-20 23:26:11 UTC  
2018-08-20 23:26:18 UTC  

@AllFather what’s with this new nickname lol

2018-08-20 23:26:51 UTC  

Between PoG and Fagtulians there's a gay ass feud and you can't always tell who's cool or an infiltrating, liber 333 loving idiot.

2018-08-20 23:28:13 UTC  

I hate how Antifa calls blacks "people of color", shit sounds so gay and wrong.

2018-08-20 23:28:21 UTC  

They're literally only one color

2018-08-20 23:28:22 UTC  

@H8 I didn’t change it

2018-08-20 23:28:50 UTC  

niggers were called "people of color" during "negro" times, right?

2018-08-20 23:29:04 UTC  

They're called that today that's for sure.

2018-08-20 23:29:14 UTC  

I don't know why we ever called them "colored folks"

2018-08-20 23:29:22 UTC  

Might have been a PC term of the day

2018-08-20 23:29:30 UTC  

We're the ones who are colorful

2018-08-20 23:29:59 UTC

2018-08-20 23:30:13 UTC  

There we go

2018-08-20 23:30:37 UTC  

Those grey eyes are interesting, I have never seen those before

2018-08-20 23:30:44 UTC  

50s : "look at that colored feller peekin' in the bush"
2010s : "black is racist! you must say people of color!"

retarded ain't it? it's the same shit.

2018-08-20 23:31:00 UTC  


2018-08-20 23:31:33 UTC  
2018-08-20 23:32:06 UTC  

My server, Werewolf Ops, has survived 3 purges

2018-08-20 23:32:13 UTC  


2018-08-20 23:32:16 UTC  

I fully intend to keep it that way