Message from CelestialTree in NSL #general

2018-08-25 06:08:49 UTC  

How does this effect our movement and why are you not in VC @p3ll3y

2018-08-25 06:09:06 UTC  

@The GUNNY who that

2018-08-25 06:09:16 UTC  

I was just turning in for the night, in point of fact
I just thought I would contribute a funny anecdote before I did
I have to be up early tomorrow morning for an OSHA class.

2018-08-25 06:10:03 UTC  

@p3ll3y but why are you never active or on VC

2018-08-25 06:10:53 UTC  

Your tag is literally <@&480120945638506524> and you’ve done nothing to fix it

2018-08-25 06:11:27 UTC  

Because using Discord for anything related to activism is a bad habit to get into

2018-08-25 06:12:06 UTC  

@p3ll3y you aren’t answering the question and have made no effort to get in our wire or on fashbook

2018-08-25 06:13:09 UTC  

You don’t have anything to say do you

2018-08-25 06:13:14 UTC  

I have a Fashbook account, but the whole thing is clunky as hell, and I've seen zero references to Wire before now

2018-08-25 06:13:33 UTC  

Because you’re never in VC @p3ll3y

2018-08-25 06:13:57 UTC  

Get in VC now and explain yourself, or catch to boot @p3ll3y

2018-08-25 06:40:09 UTC  

Goddamn I’ve booted a lot of shitheads

2018-08-25 06:42:11 UTC  


2018-08-25 06:43:04 UTC  

Reich, clover, son, pelley, jewb, goringss

2018-08-25 06:43:15 UTC  

Given Reich and clover left tho

2018-08-25 06:46:19 UTC  

It's lonely being the only woman who stays in this group

2018-08-25 06:47:16 UTC  

Recruitment squad needs you @everyone

2018-08-25 06:47:38 UTC  

Right-wing recruitment squads now!

2018-08-25 06:51:42 UTC  

@everyone <@&482803265688567808> need you

2018-08-25 07:45:32 UTC  

Ilmari Pohjalainen What kind of name is this?

2018-08-25 07:47:49 UTC

2018-08-25 08:12:28 UTC  

Here it is.

2018-08-25 08:14:14 UTC  

night bois

2018-08-25 08:14:26 UTC  

C yu

2018-08-25 08:27:19 UTC  

.urban nigglet

2018-08-25 08:27:20 UTC  

2018-08-25 08:55:23 UTC

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2018-08-25 09:44:51 UTC  

Hey this is Iron Eagle finally got around to making an account @AllFather boot the other account since I no longer have access to it

2018-08-25 09:45:20 UTC  

You got shoad?

2018-08-25 09:45:59 UTC  

Thank goodness you’re finally hete

2018-08-25 09:46:02 UTC  


2018-08-25 09:46:02 UTC  


2018-08-25 09:47:12 UTC  

Welcome back.